Finding A Machine Shop?

How do I get a machine shop to make my yoyo? Do I have to notify them, send them the material I want it made in? Or can I maybe walk in with my design of the yoyo? And can I bring the CAD design on paper or does it have to be electronic? :S

Also, what’s the range of making 1 yoyo (Both halves, not counting the bearing and axle.)

Please Reply.

Call them and ask them. An e-mail might work too.

If your only making one, it’ll probably cost around $200.

It all depends on how busy the machine shop is really. If they are very busy then they will charge you full price for the programming. Some shops can charge $65 an hour or more just for the programming. That is where the most cost will be. Designing it in a cad file is fine but then they must transfer it to a cam file so that they can then write the program for the machine. I’d suspect it will cost you around $300 or so for one. After that machining gets cheap. They will already have the material if they are a decent machine shop. Don’t take the drawing in on paper. Then they will have to design it in their program and that will cost you even more.