One drop M1



Sorry for always changing minds of the yo-yo I want to get but now its the m1.

Could you please tell me what u think is good about it and if it better than a yoyofactory superstar and why?

And if then can you also send me a link of its response system.

Thank you so much. And yes it would be awesome if someone could make a review.

(Chris Allen) #2

My review is Here:

It can not be compared to a Superstar, they are two completely different yo-yo’s


ok but how come its not one of your favorite yoyos? plz tell me why.


Where did he say that?

(Chris Allen) #5

The M1 IS one of my favorite yo-yo’s.

I don’t have a Superstar, but I have played one and they are great also.


next to his name it says favorite yo-yo:


A yoyo you like doesnt need to be your favorite. I like the DM, but its not my favorite.


ya i just want to ask him why it isn’t OK.

(Chris Allen) #9

I own a little over 300 yo-yo’s, alot of them are my favorites, and the week that I made this account, it was the 888, Project, and Legacy.
THis week its the 888, m1, and Torrent…

Catch my drift?


WOW u a have more than 300 yoyos wow do u have a video of them all??

(Chris Allen) #11

that should say “Have Owned” not Own. Sorry.

I do have alot, my current count is somewhere in the 100’s, but that is because I sell yo-yo’s at my shows.


Well, you cant really compare a 120$ yoyo to a 60$ yoyo, but the m1 is the closest compatition you’ll get! And pro yoyo’ers have like 500 yoyos.


An M1 is probably the best value for any yo-yo. That’s why I’m getting one next week ;D


ok, first, i love my m1. Its is a great yoyo. A little on the small side but a realy slick yo-yo. Second, there is no set number of yoyos that a pro. has. they dont have to have 500 hundrer yoyo or just a few. it depends on the person, and has nothing to do with there plalying skills.
tickle it


Hello everyone,

I was just wondering which of these two very popular yo-yos u prefer and why? (g5 and M1)

I just want information about these two yo-yos because they are most likely going to be the yoyos im gonna get.


(Chris Allen) #16

Glad they merged this. Your gonna pretty much find the same answers. My honest opinion is that you should find a way to get some “Hands On” with both of these and decie which one feels better in your hands.


i would love to do that but dont know where i could


and could you please give some links of the g5s response system thanks a lot.

(Chris Allen) #19

I will take some comparison pictures for you

(Chris Allen) #20

Here you go, I also put in some other yo-yo’s you have either asked about (Mark Mont) or already have (Dark Magic)

Now, saying this, I am pretty sure the new G5’s use a response system like the one on the 888 (the Blue Yo-Yo) so you can see the difference there. Basically, it is like the silicone groove on your DM.

Anything else?