M1 Review

I got my M1 yesterday and it is amazing! Don’t go too hard on me since this is my first review.

Stats (Courtesy of YYN):

Manufacturer One Drop Yo-Yos
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 64.60
Width (mm) 35.31
Diameter (mm) 50.04
Gap Width (mm) 4.38
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System .555 One Drop Silicone Sticker

Packaging and Looks:
It comes in a Brown Cardboard Box. It’s not fancy like the YYF box, but it has a very attractive and rustic feel. It also has 2 stickers which give it some life. I really like the packaging.

I got the Blue version. It is very nice looking and the Matte finish feels nice in my hand.

I thought it was a little too undersized at first, but I got used to it after a few throws.


Sleep and Bearings:

The best part of this yoyo is the smoothness. After I threw it, I didn’t even know it was sleeping. The sleep time is also great. I have a bad throw, and I’m being gentle with it (since it’s my first metal), and I still get 1:30 without the string twisting trick.



The M1 comes with the One Drop Silicone Sticker Response System. If I have one problem with the yoyo, it is the response system. It might just be me, but sometimes the yoyo does nothing when I attempt to bind it. It just makes a popping sound and it is really frustrating. For the most part it is good.



$60 is a crazy price for a yoyo this good! I love this yoyo’s value. It is almost as good as the 888 but it is half the price!


Bottom Line:

This yoyo is REALLY smooth and a really great value. If your looking for your first metal, or a smooth yoyo, get the One Drop M1!

Nice review for a first!I bet some people agree with you on this one!

Good review. Just out of curiosity, do you have a Lyn Fury? I am wonder what the size difference between the two are. I am also looking at this yo-yo as my first metal, but I would have to go with one half pewter and one half red. I really want an Ohio State Buckeyes themed yo-yo :).

When it comes to the response system, does it have a pad on both sides or just one?

Yeah, I’ll make mine later. It’ll be more in depth though, and it might have pictures.

I don’t have a Lyn, but it is defenitly smaller.

It only has the pad on one side.

You should totally get one! :wink:

I totaly agree accept for one thing. When i saw it i actually liked the shape because i like undersized yo-yo’s. Overal great review!


Well, thats your preference, not his.

Have Fun Throwing,