One Drop "M1" Review

Today, I am going to be reviewing my first metal, the One Drop flow groove M1. This is my first review, so tell me how I did.
Lets Begin!

 WOW. I was so exited to get this yo-yo. I waited by the window for an hour until the postman came. I rushed inside and tore open the box. "paper, paper, paper, THERE IT IS!!!!!" I was so eager to throw it for the first time. When I finally got it out of the box, I thought it was tiny, because this was my first undersized yo-yo. I threw it. Sooooooooo Smoooooooooooth......... It was incredible how smooth it was. 
 As you may know, One Drop gives all there yo-yos a 10-Ball Bearing, which is supposed to be quieter and smoother (both of which it was). The downside of the 10-Ball is that it take a while to break in. I was so eager to do a finger grind with the soda blasted surface, that I took out the 10-ball and popped in a KK. The grinds were amazing, It was like the yo-yo wasn't even there. I could thumb grind all the way around (much better than my Dark Magic). I took the spin-time on the 10-ball and it was 1:40...  Pretty good for a responsive bearing. (with the KK, I got 3:39, which is more like what it would end up to be.) After playing with it for a few hours, It felt perfectly sized in my hand. To see the difference, I picked up my Dark Magic and it really felt like an Aquarius... No Joke. I think I like Undersized yoyos... 
 This yo-yo is an amazing yo-yo for anybody who wants a solid, reliable yo-yo that is amazing in every way. I did not think I would like an undersized yo-yo, but now I am obsessed with it. here are some pictures that I took:

M1 - PGM

Thanks for reading!
Titanium221 8)

Hint: Its not bead blasted, its soda blasted :stuck_out_tongue:


(thanks ;))

I was wondering why you said beadblasted, but then I saw the pic of the Bluegrass and realised that you mean sodablasted.

What do you mean by schmoove? Schmoove is the name of rings carved/cut into the yoyos inside walls, which the M1 does not have.

Anyways, a pretty good review. Disliked the use of smileys, some minor grammar flaws that doesn’t really matter and I think you could have been a tad bit more detailed. But all in all, not that bad of a review, but don’t let positive comments stop you from making them better.

schmoove, as in a “silly” pronunsiation of smooth… I change it. :cry:

Would have been a bit funny if it didn’t have a real meaning.

Yeah, the M1 is very persuasive. It tends to bring people to the other side. (Undersized yoyos that is)

I have an M1 and I want something a bit bigger. The reason the M1 is so persuasive is because it’s the first metal to so many people.


Nice review! ;]