Anyone tried a OneDrop M1 yet?


So, I’m thinking about what yoyos I’ll be picking up next, and I’ve pretty well decided that I’ll be picking up a Dark Magic since that seems to be the standard yoyo that everyone has these days, and it just feels like I should own one. However, I’m also thinking about picking up my first all metal, and I happened to catch a review of the new OneDrop M1 over at, and it really caught my attention.

The price point sounds great, and the guy over there has nothing but praise to sing, so I’m wondering - has anyone here thrown one? If so, how does it feel? Would it make a good first all metal? I’ve also heard excellent things about the 10Ball bearing it comes stock with, so it’d also be a nice extra to try that bearing along side the KonKave I’m picking up for my Dark Magic since I’ve heard great things about both. Just really not interested in making a $60 mistake going with a smaller company when I could drop a little more cash on a more tried and tested brand.

Also, I read the other OneDrop yoyo - the Project- is compatible with the FHZ hubstack kit. Anyone know if this is the same for the M1? It seems like it should be, but I can’t find the size of the hex nut used on the M1. Logic would say the company would stick with the same size, but that might definitely be a dealbreaker if I could toss some easy hubs on it.

Thanks ahead of time!

EDIT: Ok, so I did a forum search for “OneDrop M1” and didn’t come up with much, but just after posting this I go into a metal thread and already see the M1 getting a lot of good recommendations, without the “OneDrop” in the thread, so it didn’t return on my search. However, if the yoyo really is that good for the price point, I’ll just leave this as is, as it seems it is probably deserving of it’s own thread.

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I’ve tried a M1. I think it’s the smoothest yo-yo in the world. If you have enougth money to buy a MarkMont or a Project get those two. There heavier which gives it a little more spin time.


I would definitely recommend the M1. NO WAY will it be a waste, 1drop is an amazing company. I actually just ordered a Project, just because I felt like I would prefer the wider body. An M1 would be a perfect first metal, assuming of course that you can bind. =]

About hubstacking… The M1 has a round nut instead of the hex one so I’m pretty sure you can’t hubstack it.

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Yeah, I realize that now. I had seen a couple M1 pictures that showed a hex nut, but after speaking with an M1 owner earlier he informed me they’re no longer shipping that way and are now shipping rounded.

That does make me a bit sad, but in all the research I’ve done tonight I’ve still yet to hear 1 bad thing about the M1. And yes, I most certainly can bind. :wink:

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No, but I CANNOT wait to buy one!!! ;D :stuck_out_tongue: ;D


I now own one… Don’t hesitate to buy one. Hubstacks are way over rated. They are fun… but eventually you’ll stop using them. Just buy some Synergy caps for your Yoyojams.

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… Is it unresponsive like stock?


I’m thinking of getting one i dont know if I will get a gray and green one or just a solid green one.