First metal and what should i get!

Ok so heres what i think i want:
M1: Now on discontinued sale thing i heard great reviews and is veryyyyy cheap right now

Dv888: only heard good reviews but i cant find it in stock…

Ok its in stock here which is better and why small bearing or large bearing

Definately go for an M1, there so cheap right now im tempted to get one. Plus there being discontinued and its a yoyo, that belongs in everyones collection. It makes for a great first metal.

DV888 is a fantastic throw but I woulndt recommend it for a first metal…it will make all the other metals you play in the future look bad. :wink:

Axiom was my first metal, I loved it. I still have it and play it daily. I got it last christmas so it lasts. Extremely quiet and super smooth.

All in all though, Id get an M1. Just plain awesome.

I have to disagree with Connor. While I haven’t yet had the pleasure of playing the M1, I think the Dv888 would be a great choice for a first metal (it was my first metal ;D). I think you shouldn’t have to settle for less, and if you haven’t done so already, check out my Dv888 review,8058.0.html. I think it’s an excellent yo-yo tailored to fit a wide range of preferences, and definitely far exceeds its price point.

As for the bearing size question: A large bearing will be familiar for you after playing with your PGM and Dark Magic. It allows for a wide gap, giving you more room for string layers and a wider landing area while making it less prone to snags and knots from binds, and a bit of a “forgiving” feel in comparison with the small. I believe the large is also said to have a “longer spin time,” but with all of the rim weight on this thing, you won’t even have to worry about that Wink. The small bearing version makes for a faster spin, making grinds smoother. I believe also that the small bearing shrinks the actual surface the string hits, so you’ll be more likely to feel a defined impact on every string landing and more torque on every string maneuver, giving it less of a “floaty” feeling. Your landing zone will also be smaller, so you’ll have to play more accurately than with a LB. Hope that helps! If you want a recommendation, I’d say either/or. I’ve tried and love both configurations. Each offer their fair share of perks; the large bearing will tolerate a less accurate throw, and the small will make binds much easier. Just go with your gut on this one.

I’d go for an M1 it’s undersized comes with a 10 ball bearing uber smooth uber quiet uber CHEAP!

I think ill be getting the m1 but definiatley will be getting a dv888 soon

why would you say that!!!
lol no jk, i would go with teh M1 because it’s being discontinued and will be a collectible very soon, while the DV888 seems to be very popular and is probably oging to be here for a while.

The Dv888 is undersized to…

Back to the point, i feel the dv888 can out play the M1. Though the only reason i recommend an M1 is because the are cheaper, and will be a bang for buck.

The dv888 was my first metal and it is so intense! worth the money. Plus it out-plays many other high end metal yoyos.


I agree with gizzyo.
Get a dv888.
BUt if you can, definatly buy a M1 after, that is if you can find the money.


I’ve been yoyoing for a lOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I have both yoyo’s and I recommend the DV888. The M1 is a great yoyo. Too many were made to be a collectible for at least 5 or more years down the road. Even then they made so many that its value wouldn’t be any more than less than store value.

The DV888 is a little wider than the M1 and therefore probably easier for a newer player to use.

Go with the DV888. Then later on get an M1 from the buy/sell/trade here on this site or any other for that matter.

I actually partially agree with Icthus. I got my M1 around September because of it’s price, but after awhile… it’s too skinny. I might have actually gotten a DV888 at that time… but I don’t think DV88s were out yet, and M1 was cheaper than the DV888 anyways. M1 will make a great pocket yoyo, but not really a full time one. Just my opinion of course.

what is the m1

A yoyo.

I did buy a m1 just because of the price. But for christmas or new year or chinese new year! ill proabably get a dv888. Thanks for all the help guys!

sorry i meant what brand and does m1 stand for anything

The Brand’s One-Drop Design. The Full name is Metal for Everyone.

Or you can get the P2 its about the same size of the DV888 but its a little more expensive.