What do you guys generaly think about the M1?

My birth day is coming up in a few months and I was thinking I might be able to squeeze $60 bucks out of each parent and get a good metal and then maybe make a case… I know I generaly say I dont like undersized but I realy havent used a good one and am a little worried… So I was thinking, the M1 is in the undersized ranged and its generaly well liked, and for that reason if I dont like it I could trade it for somthing I liked more…

What are your opinions of the M1?

Here is my review of it.

I have to say its the best playing metal yoyo in the $60-$70 price range. Super smooth and super silent. I cant find a single bad review on the M1!

Just a question;
Have you tried FundaMETALS?

I prefer pretty much all FundaMETALS over M1s, but M1s are keeping up pretty well.

I havent but I was thinking that as well…

I was quoting Shisaki417, not you.

But yeah, give the FundaMETALs a though, too.

My friend who cant do ANY advanced trick got a DM and a few weeks ago he got a hectic…I really hate how people get yoyos when they dont need them yet…but I prefer a M1 over it.

Ok, just wondering.

'Cause you really can’t say its the best in that range if you haven’t tried all of them.

That doesn’t bug me… That would be like a guitarist looking at some one new buying a Les Paul and going man it bugs me that he has top of the line gear that he doesn’t need… Or a race car driver going “Man look at that punk doing the speed limit in a Porsche”

But I think Im going to go with the M1… Im thinking Black/Blue or Green/Silver or Green/Purple

I would say either black/pewter ot green/pewter :wink:

M1 is great yoyo however I would go with YYF. It is light but feels very heavy. Its very good for 1a. If you want to do 5a it’s fine but I would go with something else.

The M1 is a great yo-yo. Often on the way out the door, the M1 is the yo-yo I reach for.
That I love about it the most, is that you can beat it, and if you strip the axle from abuse, it is a simple nut and bolt replacement, not an entire yo-yo replacement. It is truly a care free yo-yo, and fits great in the pocket.

Tried many and compared .

Beyond a doubt the M1 will be one of the best yos you will ever own . if its not ill send you 60 bucks and buy it off you :slight_smile:

10ball is a sweet bearing , and you will love the feel ,balance and smooth silent play

I think orange and black is sharp . or red and black

I have a pewter pewter with orange string ,

IMHO do not buy another yyf , get a PGM if you dont get a m1 both awsome!!

Alright thanks guys… now about the silence… alot of people claim its quiet… How quiet? My New Breed screeches…

I have a new (well a month old) P2 with a sealed 10 ball bearing that is very silent. I also have a MarkMont (sealed 10 ball) and an 888 with a 10 ball (deshielded), not so quiet.

Like you have to put it up to your ear to hear it.