which Metal Yo


Hey guys im currently using a GM and im just getting tired of plastic. Im looking to get a new Metal Yo in the 60$ - 80$ range. i have currently been looking at the M1 the Axium and the Meteor. My size preference is prob around 2 inch by about 40 mm im willing to adjust though, just gotten use to my GM size i guess. Looking for something with a long quiet sleep, and good balance for me to help myself finish tricks like and whut, and Hourglass i keep getting tangled. Friend of mine says stay away from M1 but it is good price range even if small for my liking. All and all out of the 3 ive listed and any other metal yo in that same price range is there any that stands out overall as being better than the other. Thanks guys any help with this would be nice. Also just thought about it and even though i want an unresponive yoyo i wouldn’t mind if it had some response to do little ticks like hop the fense, ufo and stuff like that. my GM i can’t do any of those tricks and i kinda miss messing around with them. but my main play is unresponsive so maybe something that can be made more responsive but that is not a necessity. Thanks again


There really is not one that stands out. They are all really good yoyos. Though I think that you would probably lean towards the Axiom. Though the M1 is also very good, but a little undersized.

All three would be able to get you through tricks like and whut.

The only main difference is that the meteor is very light. Some people like that and some don’t.

Sorry that I could not be more helpful, but they are all really good yoyos.


ok i forgot about weight in original post guess i would be leaning to something around 66g or so i kinda like having more weight to it. Thanks again im prob going to buy something tonight after work… so anything u guys tell me between now and then + my friend from work who is actualy against the M1… currently looking like the Axium is best choice for me.


Ya the Axiom does seem like the best choice for you, it is right at 65 grams.

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I wouldnt see why they say step away from the M1. Its a great yoyo, and is wonderful for all types of tricks. The Axiom is about 3g lighter then you want, as it is at 63g. The M1 is at 65g, and wil be mopre versatile in my opinion, because it is great for technical tricks due to its size if that is what you are working on, especially good for chopstick tricks which you will probably learn later, and is good for slack. However, if you are a suicide kinda guy, it doesnt fulfill your needs. However, I really think a MarkMont would work for you as well.


An M1 is a great choice. There aren’t many yoyos in your price range, and the M1 is the best. Some people will say the Axiom is better. But the M1 is $20 less and way smoother. It’s a bit heavier which can be helpful, and a little undersized (which is what you want). It is the perfect yoyo for you.


What about the Speed Dial?


Samad, the Axiom is also 65 grams, not 63.


From YYN:

Quantity No item(s) available
Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 63.90
Width (mm) 40.81
Diameter (mm) 50.54
Gap Width (mm) 4.94
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x.187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System YoYoJam Silicone O-Ring

However, YYE says its 65…I guess YYN was wrong. Yeah, its 65g, my mistake.


Same with YoYoJam - it says 65 grams.


Thanks for the help guys… im prob just going to base my decision on one simple fact i need lube and only place i can find the M1 is on the onedrop website which has no lube. so im going to give it about a week or so see if axium gets some new colors back out besides orange and prob get it. no point in having to pay shipping on 2 seperate orders. Unless of course you guys know of a new metal yoyo coming out before april ish that is suppose to be good? if so let me know ill check back later thanks again.


Go to your local fabric store and pick up some sewing machine oil. It is a great substute for thin lube and you will not have to pay shipping on it.