axiom meteor or m1


I know a lot of people are going to say m1 'cause of the price but if you think its worth getting an axiom or meteor for $20 more dont vote for m1


i have tried all three, the meteor is built for speed, the axiom has extremely long spin times and is very smooth and the m1 is a good mix of both, similar to an all metal dm in my opinion



Ok samad, yes there is no better yoyo but leave your opinion, i would say m1 even if the price was the same, smooth, and great when you break in the 10 ball


Personally, I would choose the M1.


I think I will just get the axiom

does anyone know of a site that sells them and has them in stock 'cause I cant wait

#7 ( ONLY 1 LEFT! )


thanks a lot

do you know if yyn sells synergy caps


Yes, they do. They pretty much sell everything yoyo-related.


I cant find them where do you look



they dont have the right size guess Ill just wait


Or, just get a better yoyo cough M1!!!

Sorry, I had M1 in my throat.


my m1 will be here in a couple days so ill let you know then


Same. Mine will come today, or tomorrow, so I will tall you as well.


Where are you guys getting M1s from?


Samad is getting one from a trade and I don’t know where pfcloving is getting it, but you can get one here if that’s what you are asking.


All three of these yoyos have a 10 ball bearing, not just the M1.


dude that was so funny that just made my day i was readen these and then i see this so funny


I think we have a forum comedian! :wink: