Which is better Dark Magic or Axiom???

I am having a hitman for 3 months and now I really want to buy a new yoyo. As I live in Saudi Arabia I can’t buy it anytime I want :’(. But my uncle is coming from america & I can’t make up mind which one to tell him to bring. He only come 3 or 4 times a year so I need a to pick the right one. I can’t make up my mind between axiom and Darkmagic ??? ???.

I’d get a OneDrop m1 instead, but if you can only get those two, get an axiom. smoother, and longer sleep times.

I agree. I think the Axiom will suit you well after having a Hitman. Sveral people will tell you a Dark Magic is better, while that can be true in some instances, its not true altogether. The Axiom has longer spin time, doesn’t vibe or wobble, and has a better coating

However, before we decide what is for you, read this post, and answer the questions.


I can get any yoyo I want. The axiom looks better to me. But I would prefer a yoyo to be better in playing than in looks. Which one is the better Axiom or m1 ??? ??? ???

Samad is quite right. Even though you  can get whatever yoyo you want. We need to know more about YOU and your style to find out which suits your best.

  1. I prefer the size to be a bit smaller than an hitman.
  2. Any shape which is made for string tricks.
  3. I prefer any response which is unresponsive.
  4. No I don’t like to mod.
  5. Yes, colour and design matter a lot
  6. For how I play the yoyo should do great pops and be very smooth.
  7. my price range is from 80 to 120$.
  8. I am currently on Expert part 2 and soon about to start master level.
    I also want it to be great for grinds & also it should be good for 5a.

well considering ur answers… i gotta say dm over all. Why you ask? well 1 of my friends has 1( not me as you can see in my profile :’( ) and he says he can pretty much use it for anything: string, offstring, 2 string yoyos,(one in each hand)and even he says it isnt HORRIBLE for looping(if modded to be completely responsive as my friend says is possible) as some metal rimmed yoyos are. These arent my opinions so please dont come after me if any of you have objections >:( cuz hes the 1 who told me(cuz once again I DONT HAVE A DM :’( :’( :’( )

so no matter what youre planning on doing with your yoyo, dm is the way to go. Its a GREAT base yoyo to start doing crazy string tricks and eventually doing long routines and such.Also great for grinds ;D

Signed(actually typed) the goopdawg :wink:

When you have 120 dollars to spend, DM is NOT the best choice to go with. Not that it’s a bad choice. It’s just that you can get a lot of good full metal yoyos out there. The DM is a good yoyo though, no doubt about it. Both the axiom and M1 will fit you well Mfea. The M1 actually falls below your price tag and i have not heard anything about how these yoyos perform 5a. But i suppose both are smaller than the hitman. And both are made for string tricks. They will both be unresponsive. The M1 is in no need of modding (don’t know that much about the axiom, but i’ve heard some people prefer to put synergy caps in it). They both have great design and colours. They are both smooth. And as most metals they are both good for grinds.

That is all i can say, but I am a noob at this, so you might take my advice with a pinch of salt. In the end the decision will be yours. We can’t decide which one you like the most. Bt i’m sure you will enjoy both.


ok. I was just suggesting it because I’m really not that familiar with all metal yoyos or any other more expensive than about $60. I knew that it wasn’t the best but just giving my friend’s opinions on it and trying to help him decide ;D. Glad that you told him that though Pheenix because I was just about to post another reply stating that it was WAY under his price range but to use my suggestion ( is that how you spell it lol?) as a kind of safety in case he couldn’t decide before his uncle goes.

But as pheenix said, it’s not our decision.

Signed(actually typed) the goopdawg :wink:

get the M1 ok get the M1

The YoYoJam Dark Magic is a great yoyo. Not for you. According to your preferences, it is much too large for you.

Now, I do suggest the M1. It has a low price for a reason, and plays as well as, actually I would say better then the Axiom. They are both great for 1a and 5a, smooth for grinds, and are great for everything you listed. Now you will just have to decide. [shadow=black,left]The Dark Magic is not the yoyo for you![/shadow]

axiom ftw!

ok so firdt choice (might not be the best) is an one drop m1 now if u r willing to spend 120 I would get a 888 cause its pretty small here’s the link:
also maybe a DNA but that is probably too big for u but anyway heres a link:    http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16803&cat=0&page=1

I just put the DNA in there because I love mine and also its in stock and the 888 isnt

Thanks everyone…I think I am going to go with the Axiom. As it looks better to me than the m1.