FS: Axiom, dark magic, speed maker, punchline and other stuffz

Pictures: http://s1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb412/Pwnge314/

Please contact me for questions and intrest in a product at my email: eric_wang123@yahoo.com
I never check the fourm.

Paypal is king
Trades: NONE (quitting the hobby)
NOTE: Prices do not reflect shipping
SECOND NOTE: I MAY have replaced the orings on some of my yoyos with this silicone window sealer thing. DOES NOT AFFECT PERFORMANCE (in fact I think it gives it a better response) I do not have time to check witch yoyo’s I put this on but will do so on request
I will throw in a trading card for every purchase while supplies last

YYJ Axiom Price: $40 OBO: This yoyo is pretty beat up. It has scratches around the rim (the price will reflect this) Comes with a concave bearing, but I can switch it with a regular one if desired. This yoyo will come with original box, blue g-string (the best handmade yoyo string in DA WORLD) I will provide more pictures on request.

YYJ Dark Magic Price: $18 OBO: This yoyo is also beat up around the metal edges. I took the caps off but will attach them on request. Will come in original box and the fire g-string. More pics on request.

Speed maker Price: $5 OBO: I will include this free with the purchase of the axiom or punchline.

Punchline: Price: $97 OBO: This yoyo is my BABY (not literaly). It is in ABSOLUTE PRISTINE CONDITION. I have the original box with bubblewrap ;D. I can even include the sticker. This yoyo is AMAZING The color is the green with blue splash (I don’t think they make them anymore) I will include this with a duncan yoyo glove and mint g-string. I don’t want to let this go but I hardly use it at all since I got into another hobby (a money pit called airsoft). More pics on request.

Miscellaneous items. If you see anything you want in the picture, tell me and I will give it a price.


Sorry I’m looking at this on my phone but is that a dark magic 1 or 2?

pictures of all throws please