Dark Magic vs Meteor vs Axom

wich yoyo is beter ??? Dark Magic, Meteor or Axom ??? ;)I will get whatever yoyo wins this poll :wink:
awesomness out

Definitly Dark Magic. Cheaper and I would say even better. I dont know how you could get much better than the dark magic so why spend so much more? I would definilty go with the DM. But maybe even look into the HM or speeder too.

I agree, go with DM. They’re all great yoyos but I think the DM is a little better than the other two. I have an Axiom and a DM, Axiom plays smoother, spins longer and is great for 1A. Its somewhat smaller and Heavier than the DM. I like the Axiom for its size. The Dark Magic has a nice feel to it and is just FANTASTIC for string tricks considering how wide the “wings” spread out. This makes it very easy to catch the the string in the gap. I would start with the Dark Magic and then once you get good with that buy an Axiom. If you do this the Axiom will feel great in your hand and spinning and all throughout tricks.

I have both Axiom and DM. Each one has its appeal. DM has a great feel, and really plays nice, very balanced. Axiom is very nice as well, but I like the fact that it has recessed silicon (just my preference) and a much wider string gap. The axiom is about the same width, but slightly smaller diameter.

I like them both very much. Axiom I love for the size and response, but the DM seems to “pop” a little bit better for me (in tricks like eli hops, kwijibo, and and whut). If the DM had recessed response and a SLIGHTLY wider gap I don’t think I’d use anything else.

dm hands down. the meteor has this a “special” shape that can be annoying while play(for me, at least).

Dark Magic. It’s affordible (???)and a great yoyo.

I got the meteor and a dm and i love the meteor sooosoosososososososososos awesome

Depends on your personal prefernce :slight_smile:

What do you want in a yoyo?

dark magic is all that i would ever need.

The Dark Magic, and the Axiom are both very good yoyos. Its a hard choice.

It matter’s what you like. WHat do you like small, heavy, light, shiny, what shape?

It really matters on what you like.

Give us what you like and we can decide for you if you want, or like i think i said on a diffrent thread, look at the reviews.


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For me personally, i would get the axiom, it depends if u like heavier or lighter stuff. Meteor is very speedy and light so if u like to do tricks quickly choose the meteor, but to me DM and axiom pops out more.
So ya i would go with axiom
cuz it is smooth