favorite yo

what is you’re favorite yoyo out of the following; meteor, axom or hybrid hitman ??? (the reson I didn’t put the DM on the list is because I know that it would win)

well I’m getting a HM next but haven’t had any experience with it. i hear the axiom is great though. id probably get the hit man though.

H-HM for sho


hey yoyoman do you think that the meteor is worth the money?

Legacy, Jamboo, Axiom, Meteor, and Dark Magic. ;D

I need to know is the meteor really worth it?

Not meteor for me, either axiom or HM

I dont like the responce in the Axiom,
I dont like the weight of the meteor, prefer heavier things,
Soid get the Hitman.
Most of all i wouldnt get any.
I’d get a DM or a X-Convict

wow wilba you’re picky

Well - in my opinion the Meteor is an excellent yo-yo.
Very very smooth on the string and nice wide gap.
Great yo-yo for the price!

Not going to lie, the new Jamboo, its a wood yoyo looks awesome. its like the dark majic but instead of a color its wood. pretty crazy, its got the metal rings around it, too bad its like 75 bucks or else it would be mine for sure.

Wolverine BvM/blood lily