Jamboo or Meteor

I’m saving up money for an expencive yoyo and don’t know which the Jamboo or the Meteor. Mickey won 2nd with the Meteor and it haves miror caps. The Jamboo is bamboo and has a different feel from others. I’ve never heard anything good about the Meteor and have heard that when the Jamboo is being shiped the bamboo will usally spit and is really spilintery when you first get it :-[. So please help me ;D

I’ve read a bunch of reviews about the Jamboo and the consensus was that it looked really cool, but in the end it is probably not the best yoyo for the money. It is a little rough and play is not as good as others in that price range. Best for collectors, not for everyday play…

I’ll leave it to others to talk about the Meteor.

…just my 2 cents…

My meteor is my all time favorite yoyo and that is what i reccomend u ghe

What ever you do don’t get the jamboo. My hupcaps cracked on the first throw and a lot of other horrible things happened. GET THE METEOR I REPEAT GET THE METEOR.

ok thanks I really don’t want to waste 75 dollars

I have also heard that meteors are poorly built, and i even herd that grant johnsons broke after he made that vid

Are you sure you don’t mean Jamboo. If you do mean Meteor I’ll seach the web for it. ???

I dont mean to discriminate against the Jamboo so all im gonna say is: I had a bad experience with the Jamboo, id go for the meteor.

yes i do mean jamboo thanks for correctong me

I prefer the Meteor. The Jamboo is mainly for looks, and its a one-of-a-kind yoyo.