ok. i really want a jamboo but i read they brake realy easly. Say if i hit the yoyo on a tile floor would it brake? thanks.

Problems with cracking and the rims falling off have been mentioned by several players. And most people do believe that the Jamboo is more a collector’s item than a true perform. When that is said, the Jamboo is not a really bad yoyo. The thing is that it consists of many individual parts and the wood is not completely “even”. Still, the yoyo is a beauty. It is a wonderful yoyo, but it probably won’t be your main player.

Addment: If you want to spend the value of a Jamboo, there are a lot of other good yoyos you can point your finger on, but if you want something special and new, get the jamboo.

Really? I havent heard of any reports of the metal rings falling off of the Jamboo, and I hang at a lot of forums…

Anyway, there are a lot of pieces, and several things can go wrong that I cant really list here. I suggest looking at this amazing review for more info:


I’ve got a mint Jamboo, I’ll sell it for 50 bucks

To make sure this is known, they do not break easily, but the nuts slowly come unscrewed, causing it to fly into pieces when not screwed on tightly. I use silicone to keep the nuts in place.

ok thanks, any way if it flys apart you can put it back together right?