Hey, Ok so i have like 40$ to spend at Yoyoguy.com because my GM broke so i was looking at a Jamboo so its like 30$. But i heard that some peoples “Explode” what does that mean? Because I wouldn’t want to buy a yoyo that will explode… Or what are the odds of “expolsioness”? And lastly, is it resposonsive?

Exploding is where all the parts fly everywhere. I suggest that you don’t buy it, because it is more of a collectors item. Go with any other metal rimmed YYJ.

Have Fun Throwing


also a jamboo is like 75 bucks isn’t it?

Ok - I am not exactly sure what people mean by exploding unless they didn’t have the yo-yo tightened enough.  The Jamboo is built a little different from some of the other YoYoJam models.  The axle is held in the yo-yo from nuts on the outside rather then embedded into the yo-yo.  You can see the rounded nut piece in the picture:

Then there is a washer, a mirror cap, and a plastic cap underneath that rounded nut.
If the yo-yo came unscrewed during play it is possible these pieces would fall off - but I have played with mine quite a bit and have never had this happen - just don’t try loosening the gap since it is not adjustable.

On the inside of the yo-yo there are very thin clear plastic shims on either side of the bearing:
You should be able to see it on top of the bearing in that picture.

The Jamboo comes out of the box unresponsive for the most part - it may take a little break in but it is built to be a completely unresponsive yo-yo.

If you do get the yo-yo and are unhappy with it YoYoJam and the retail store will of course work with you to resolve the issue and get a replacement or credit for something else.

At a similar price though the Axiom is also an excellent choice giving long spin times and smooth play without the worry of the extra pieces to lose, etc.
Wood also is a more difficult material to work with since its density can be quite different from piece to piece.  Therefore an aluminum yo-yo will probably spin more “true” so take that into account when you consider purchasing it. They are a really neat yo-yo to have but are for a specific kind of player.  :wink:

Thanks! That helped a lot! I’ll look at a Axiom