Dark Magic, or Jamboo?


I was wondering. I saw the new Jamboo yo-yo and i saw it’s pretty smooth and and stuff friends have ben talking about it but i really like my dark magic. Will the wood get scraped ont he Jamboo yoyo. Which one is beter. Which one has smoother play, faster spin time, and good for string tricks?

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From my experience with the jamboo I find it to be poorly built. I see it as more of a collectors item than a yoyo to play with. I threw mine down about 50 times and soon after that when I threw it the yoyo “exploded”. Peices of it went EVERWHERE. Axle, caps, nuts, bearing, everything went everywhere. I have tried to put back together MANY times but I am currently in the process of returning it to get my money back. I dont know if I just got the unlucky Jamboo. But I do know that you shouldnt get your hopes up that it will play great or last long :frowning:

Wow, really. :o Yoyos never broke into pieces, do they? :-\

Well, mine did :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

it is possible if he either over tightens it or has it to loosely screwed in

well wood is much different than plastic or metal. it bends and flexes. it has a far less tinsel strength than metal or plastic. also its not just regular wood its bamboo so it has a lower tolerance for spinning and all the Gs a yoyo takes. if i where to get a yoyo i wouldn’t get a wood one. especially if its a high end yoyo. later and keep it spinning.

Wow, weird ???

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My jamboo is just the same as above.
Caps came off in the post so had to glue them(messed it up).
Then the thing fell to bits after a few throws.
Lost the nut after more blow ups!
Over all very poor work and not a yoyo to play with would love a refund!

I’m still trying to picture a yoyo just up and exploding into pieces. Do you mean the nut came off and it fell apart? Or without striking anything the bamboo just shattered? I’m just trying to understand what happened.

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accutaly i would say jamboo cause scince its lighter it would sleep faster and longer

Wood is uneven… it will be unbalanced… also, very poor quality

check this out http://www.yoyoskills.com/jamboo.html
then compare to your Drak Magic and there you have your answer.

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ok everybody knows samad is a ninja and knows all… good for him but i dont care what anyone says… yoyos dont explode without an explosive material and the jamboo is a work of art and should be appreciated for its originality…

I believe it Jeffrayj.

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i love my DM but i would love to get my hands on jamboo! just out of curiosity! iv had a yoyo explode on me, however it was a cheep $4 toy store one! lol if i paid as much as you do for the jamboo id be pretty livid! lol

Well, the Jamboo doesn’t actually “explode,” it just unscrews the more you play with it. Get some lock-tight for the axle and nuts.