The Jamboo - Review

Bamboo is the fastest growing wooded grass in the world. In certain environments, bamboo can grown 3-5 feet a day. Bamboo is used in medicine, weaponry, construction, storage, shelter, and even food. For a long time, certain religious cultures in the South East Asia countries believed that life began with bamboo. Bamboo can thrive in nearly any environment, and has a life cycle in ranging from just a few months to what some speculate being hundreds of thousands of years. Bamboo can be processed in large quantities with little to zero impact to environments, and molded, pressed, and dried into a sturdy material used when a light weight wood is called for. It would make sense for bamboo, a unique, multi-useful, lightweight, sturdy, inexpensive material, to be ideal in yo-yo manufacturing wouldn’t it? Well?

First Impressions
Tucked away in a seemingly ordinary YoYoJam box was a very unordinary yo-yo. Shiny metal rims, flashy side caps, and… what is this. A wood body? While bamboo is technically a grass, the processed and pressed finish bamboo body of the Jamboo certainly catches the eye. It is almost like real wood paneling on the side of classic cars. You expect it to be fake because it looks to good, then you realize that it doesn’t have to try to look good, it is the real deal. After getting it out of the box, I wanted to dissect it and pull it apart faster than Scooby Doo can down a hoagie, but I knew I had to try it right out of the package first in order to review it properly. The look of the Jamboo combines a classic wood look with the ultra modern styled shiny rims and caps. I have to tell you, my anticipation was high on this one. The unique look alone is enough to make you want to get your hands on it. It is kind of like deep fried Oreos. You ask… “Why would anyone do that?” followed by “Can I have one?”

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Haha, its the same Jamboo I traded to you!

Great review!

Very nice review! The Jamboo looks very nice. :smiley:


if it is a good yoyo, then where can i buy one and for how much?

you can only buy it in a b/s/t (buy/sell/trade) now because it is discontinued

Dude, this is year old thread…

ohhh fail on me for not seeing that