the jamboo is bad the reason i say this is is because i dont like the fell of the yoyo also i once got a knot in the yoyo so i unscrewed it to un do it when i put it back together it wasnt unresponsive anymore ive tried fiddling with the gap to try make it unresponsive but it doesnt work

anyway thats just my opinion u might like it maybe not

well not saying that the jamboo sucks… but i bought my jamboo when i went to Maryland states yoyo contest. and within 3 hours of playing it had broke on me 2 times, so i just put it back in the box and i am keeping it as a collectors item.


You should have learned knot-fishing before you got that knot. Don’t know what that is? It’s easy. You need a needle and a knot.

1.Pick up the needle
2.Insert the needle into the loop that the know consists of (don’t rip your response)
3.Now your knot should not longer be in the gap
4.Every knot is a puzzle, take a good look at it to solve it
5.Now your string should be free from knots

Note that with more complicated knots, you may need to fish out several loops. If so, repeat step 2 and three. If your knot consists of too many loops, it might be tricky/impossible to get the knot out. But if you have a knot from dropping a triangle, it should be enough to fish out one loop. I have no idea if someone else have thought of this before or if it’s my idea (if so, it’s copyrighted). My idea or not, it will work.

And when it comes to the Jamboo, I have gotten the impression that it’s more of a collectible. And I’ve also heard it consists of many individual parts, therefore a pain to reassemble. It is playable, and will probably have longer sleeptime than a stock Duncan Butterfly, just don’t expect to get God in a box.

i think it’s actually ok. it’s pretty complicated to put back together, but mine plays pretty consistently (i’ll grant you that i can’t say as much for other one’s i’ve tried - though mikhail’s plays AMAZING!)
i’d still call it a player, but i don’t find it comparable to other yo-yo’s in its price range, and would only recommend it to someone who’d be likely to appreciate something really different.

Yeah, I have heard of a lot of problems with the Jamboo. I also heard from somewhere (Don’t quote me on this!!!) That YYJ is making an ungraded version of the Jamboo with some sort of plastic instead of wood, called the Beast, Screaming Beast, etc.

I have it on good authority that the “Beast” line is just some prototypes and if it goes public, will carry a different name.

the beasts play really well, but what god-awful names and graphics.
only one that i played was jamboo-like at all.

ok this is a shout out to everyone that has commented on MY grammer, this guy does exactly what i do with no punctuaton ocatonally, but I dont see 1 comment on his spelling or grammer!!! WHAT THE HECK??? what do you guys know what kind of car my dad drives or somthing?

Please. This is not the place to “get back at someone”. Feel free to address it but do not shout and yell at people. Also, if you do want to address it, please post in in a new or appropriate topic. Though I would rather you just let the person know and let the issue go.


Actually, I highly suggest PM’s.

Why do I keep on forgetting things? I swear I added that. Anyway, you got my back again!