Meteor Review

Okay, i bought my Meteor a few hours ago from spinworkx for my birthday. When i walked into the store, i wanted to get an axiom, and eventually, the guy there made me buy a meteor, and i don’t regret it one bit. Why? Well, the axiom was fat, and almost completely cylindrical. (See pictures at view product on yye)There is no space to put your middle finger while throwing it, and it was small. The meteor was larger, more sharp, so there was more space to put my middle finger while throwing, so i got it instead.

First Impression: When i was trying it out at the shop (Someone else’s one), i realised that gyroscopic flops were as easy as pi(3.14159). The people at the shop were quite impressed how i did gyro flops lol. I also realised that the yoyo was silent, even though the bearing was loud. For string tricks, the gap was HUGE! (5 mm) It is really smooth, and it glides on the string like its not even there. So, it was really good.

Next Impression: Eventually, i got a knot. I opened up the yoyo and was like “What?!?!?!?¿” The axle is small. I might put a picture of how small the axle is. Then, while i was recording for my father me yoyoing, the thing suddenly started making wierd sounds, and i stopped the yoyo. I saw that it was unscrewed, almost flew apart, and the axle was dis-attached. That was when i learnt about the floating axle. I don’t like them. If they were fixed, i would like it more.

String tricks: It’s gap is huge! That makes it silent! With a KK, it almost requires a double bind to get up, or a really big loop. But it can handle 5 layers of trapeze! So it rocks for 1a! The anno is really well done (My only metal, dont trust me) and i think it rocks. Its also bead blasted for better grinds! It has a cutting shape, very wing shape, and its sharp. Its streamlined, and is very fast. It feels light!

Looks: The mirror caps are sweet! But when its spinning, you can still see parts of the word, and your reflection while spinning is not very consistent. But its still cool! Probs: Mine came with several small dings! That sucks!

Overall: This yoyo rocks! You should so totally get it!

1a: OVER 9000!¡!¡!/10
2a: 5/10 (Hey, its really not bad at looping when you have a knot!
3a: 8/10 I don’t play 3a, but im sure that its good.
4a: Dont bother, its a beauty.
5a: OVER 8000!!!/10

Get the meteor, it rocks, and its worth the money! I think it will be my favourite forever!

EDIT: I have now learnt about floating axles. Review has changed quite a bit.

great review
keep it up :wink:

Nice Review, tempting to buy one. Good Job!

I think that this review is 100% correct but you left out one very important thing, the meteor is really delicate, I dropped mine on carpet and there was a dent in it, (and im a short 12 year old) It is by far my favorite yoyo, but it needs good care

Its ironic because Hiroyuki Suzuki just flings his in the air and tries to catch the yoyo in this back pocket while playing on pavement.

Odds are thought, he either A. Doesn’t pay for them, or B. Has a ton of them lol. I vote both!! Have you seen the Mickey’s House videos? He has like walls full of yoyo. Kinda makes me jealous. :-[

I believe sponsored players get the yoyos at a discount. I’m not sure about your signature yoyos.

Ah yes, this is absolutely true. Just drop it and it gets an ugly scratch or dent lol. Its very fragile!

lol I think Mickey gets his Meteors/Speeders/Speed Makers for free from yoyojam. Can you tell us about that andre, about sponsorship and its benefits on the player?

If he gets them for free, he wouldn’t care about hurting them lol

hahaha. Yeah I did see them. It actually quite frightening.

If I remember correctly, I believe Andre said that they get a couple (I don’t know the exact number) of them for free then the yoyo is discounted at I think 10%. This isn’t 100% accurate. I just remember a post about something like this.

Anyway, this is a little off topic.

Keep it up nice review. Would Love pictures though ;D