Meteor by YYJ

I recently purchased a Blue Meteor from yoyojam. This is my review:

The Meteor is a larger sized yo-yo very similar to the Speeder yo-yo. It is designed by Mickey from Team YoYoJam so it is made for speed - it does play fast. I think my string tricks move faster now. I have not tried a Speeder though so I don’t know which one is faster. Does anyone know?

As for looks - I like the blue color. It is really pretty. Also it has a mirror cap which is really shiny when it is spinning. If you take the caps off it plays really light so I don’t recommend this.

It has a large gap and silicone response. I have played with it for about 3 weeks and the response is still good. Does anyone know how often to replace it or how to tell when it needs to be replaced.

This yo-yo does not grind as well as my Hitman or Dark Magic. But it is ok.

I want to get some Synergy caps for it - has anyone tried them on a Meteor?

When the silicone falls out is generally a good time to replace it. lol For your next review i suggest using a rating system and taking a few pics. It just makes it easier for people deciding whether they would like to purchase said item. Play speed of a yoyo is usaully determined by the player.

Hi about the grinds here in the philippines we have tried meteor for grinds…and its good!it depends on the player on how he/she grinds it…even duncan users here were impressed of YYJ Meteor…

it’s kinda light… so i preffer Axiom :slight_smile:

maybe i just love to throw heavy things hahaha

is it me or are we suddenly getting loads of Phillipe’s on this forum.

The Meteor is almost identical to the speeder. They are similar in weight and they have the same shape. The main and obviouse difference is that the speeder is a plastic body that has Nickle/Brass rings. Whereas the meteor is all medle. The one down side that I see in the meteor is the fixed gap. That could be a problem for me. I like being able to ajust the gap to how im playing at the time.

meteor is awesome

Please don’t necro.

People, don’t be so ready to say these kinds of things. Aimed at everyone in the forum, not directly at you.

But then again, this guy aint even on the forums anymore, so I don’t know. But still, its a review.

Good review, Lost Boy. I don’t reccomend putting z-stacks on a perfectly good meteor. But that’s just me. :wink:

I really think this is kind of a major necro, but yeah, it’s a review, sorry tye-dye.