YYJ Meteor Review


YoyoJam Meteor Review
Weight (g) 64.40
Width (mm) 40.00
Diameter (mm) 55.93
Gap Width (mm) 5.07
First Thoughts:
As I opened the box to see the meteor I realized the gap was HUMONGOUS ! I’m not saying that it was big and it’s your everyday average sized gap, I’m saying DANG THAT THING IS HUGE! Never before have I seen a gap this size, I consider myself to have a fairly diverse collection however nothing even comes close to this gap size by perspective I think it’s nearly twice the size of the speeders Gap ( when fully tightened ) the meteors gap is 5.07 while the speeders gap is 2.44
First throw,

I was surprised to see how light the yoyo was, the Speeder which is known to be fast is 65 grams, The Speed maker which known to be overly light is 61 grams. The Meteor weighs in 64 grams, so the yoyo is in between the two weights, however in my opinion the way the weight is distributed it feels like the lightest of the 3.

Now if you can imagine “floaty” this is FLYING it practically whizzes from string to string with no effort, when I’m trying to be fast I find the yoyo goes to the point where it is SO FAST it is almost out of control, however with its huge gap landing is a breeze and you will not have to worry about missing for the most part.

For horizontal play I find it is an Average player, better than some, not as good as some. It fly’s across the strings of course however being relatively high walled there is a lot of friction. This results in decreased spin time. The sleep time is above average however not spectacular.
While the Meteor is an INSANELY FAST YOYO, and is very easy to catch, it lacks stability. The yoyo is easily tilted. Not super unstable however just slightly on the unforgiving side, if you land a trapeze awkwardly it will tilt and may even die out on you.

Another flaw of the meteor is because it is extremely light, you can’t get a decent weight at the end of the string and the spin time is slightly under average.
Also this yoyo feels Fragile, for some odd reason I am afraid to really lash out my hardest throws, something in the back of my mind tells me if the meteor was ever to meet the ground, it would not turn out well.

So In conclusion, the meteor is an INSANELY FAST yoyo that is very easy to catch, however tilts easily and has a limited spin time; although it has its share of flaws I really like this yoyo. So if you’re a speedy player that likes nice open catch zones the meteor is a MUST HAVE.


Cool review :slight_smile:

I love speedy throws! I just received a Supernova Lite which also has an extremely wide gap, and is insanely fast. I’m guessing these two throws are similar. I might pick one up, thanks for the review


I thought I would like the meteor, then I got to play one at a meet, and instantly hated it for the reasons described in the above review. yes its fast, but (in my opinion) its unstable, too light, and doesn’t have a good spin. There are quite a few fast yo-yos out there that I would recommend over this.