Looking for YoYoJam Meteor Reviews


I am thinking about getting the YYJ Meteor but would like to get some opinions on it first. Got any? I would like to here from you, thx.


rsmod123 made a great review for it a while ago.

(Cinimod105) #3

Actually, it was not really a while ago, it was about more than 6 months ago, and someone posted in it recently.

(JM) #4

He meant that it was originally posted a while ago, or a long time ago.


you will like any of the meatals by yyj

(Cinimod105) #6

Fine, but anyway, I have tried the Meteor and I would say, it is extremely smooth. You would definitely like it if you like flared shaped and light yoyos.


Thx a whole lot, guys. I’m just dieing to get one!! Hopefully i can convince my parents to let me get one, oh well. They think I’m in a phase, and that ill get bored in a month or so, but thats what they said 5 months ago when i got my Speeder (and still lovin it like pie). In all thx a whole ;D