Axiom or Meteor

I’m looking for an all metal yoyo by YYJ. I narrowed it down to the Axiom or meteor. My price range is right where those are. I’m looking for an easier bind and a good sleep time. (I’ll be outfitting it with a konkave bearing too)

Both of those will work for you. Its all a matter of “personal preference.” They can each do the things you have listed, but be more specific. Look at this thread and answer these questions:

Oooh, that’s not very much preference, but enough to make a post :).

About every metal you buy will have a decent sleep time. And if you are looking at the stronger binder out of those two, it really does not matter. There is a lot of different response options out there. However, I have heard that the AXIOM is a bit slippy out of the box. But I think fiddling(funny word) can help you out on this.

I think when you are deciding between those two, the shape has to be the greatest matter. The AXIOM is very rounded, while the Meteor has a winged and sharp shape. These two yoyos are completely different to hold in the hand. If you can get to hold both of those, you will see which one you like the best.

Addment (another funny word). If you want good sleepers for less than 100 dollars, I’ve heard that some Dif-e-yos can sleep very long because of their weighting. I have not put my mind into Dif’s, but I have heard that they are some of the longer sleepers out there.

ok so here is the deal axiom and meteor are the same in sleep time but they have different response systems. also axiom is better for grinding but it brakes too easily likei accidentally dropped it and the screw came out of the axle so i would get meteor if if i were u but also look at the M1 by one drop yoyos its pretty good too

Actually they have the same response, and I think the Axioms axle is designed for that because of the use of possible hubstacks.

I won’t buy any of them. I would prefer to buy an m1. I would surely never buy a meteor. To me it just looks really bad. The axiom is good. But I have read about the annodization coming off the yoyo when thumb grinding. Also I heard that it may unscrew while doing a trick :(.

I have not heard of any complains about the m1. It looks far better Then both of those yoyos and it is a bit less expensive Then them. They let you choose the color of the each half of the yoyo. There are also limited editions coming out with unique colors. It comes with a stock 10 ball bearing which to some people is better Then the konkave. They also come stock with chaos strings. I have also heard that they play better Then the axiom.

Hope that helps.

Words of wisdom, I shall speak. The meteor has a big diameter and big width. The axiom has a small diameter, and almost the same width as the meteor. Basically i’m saying that the axiom is wide and small, and when you see it, you might think that its just a cheap cylinder. It is VERY cylindrical, almost a perfect cylinder. It’s like a cylinder! The meteor has a TRUE Wing shape, which is a perfect V shaped yoyo, while the axiom has a TRUE cylindrical shape. The meteor has a place to stuff your middle finger into while throwing, because of the wing shape, but the axiom doesn’t because of the cylindrical shape.

The axle thing above being talked about is called a floating axle. The meteor also has one. This means that the axle is removable. The yoyo shop guy told me that the meteor has a floating axle because mickey keeps breaking/bending his axles, so those are to replace the axles easily, so you don’t need to tune the axle, and u can just buy a new one. I guess u could stack it!

The meteor’s gap is the same size as the bearing itself, abt 0.187 inches i think. The axle is very small for the meteor, so when u screw it in completely, the whole bearing is visible. You put shims in there, and there will be a hole to get the string stuck in lol.

The meteor is extremely wide, and is oober unresponsive. When i first got it, i couldn’t even bind it back. But with a bit of practice, you’ll get used to having to pull hard for your binds. I’m not sure about the axiom though.

So, if you like cylinders, get an axiom! If you like true wing shaped yoyos, get a meteor! Also, if you like a hollow feeling in your yoyo, get a meteor! If you like fragile yoyos that will get deep dents that remove the colour easily when you drop it, get a meteor! If you want hubstacks, get either!