B'day yoyo and m1

okay i have about 65 to 70 dollars to get a yoyo for my birthday. the rules are that it has to be metal and unresponsive and able to thumb grind. After that i dont care. Im thinking about the m1 but i think its responsive. If you buy the flow groove m1, does that make it unresponsive?

Yes, it will come unresponsive stock. And I think the M1 would be a great choice if you are looking for a metal, because there aren’t many other metals within that price range.

Ask Kim-Lan’s opinion ;D ;D ;D

I would say M1.  Cheapest, and very good(my opinion.)

It’s very good for thumbgrinds, it’s fast, fits RIGHT in the hand, and plays very smooth.

The regular M1 comes responsive.  To get in unresponsive, clean the bearing.
If you need help cleaning your bearing, here is Samad’s guide

If you can’t understand it, here’s a video!

If you need anymore help - message me!


Yeah, the pad response M1s come responsive, but the new flow groove M1s come unresponsive stock since the recess is deeper for siliconing.