the final decision is here, help me settle my yoyo choosing once and for all

Okay, this is kind of a follow up of my last desperate post for a b’day yoyo and now i have narrowed it down. First… Preferences. It of course has to be metal and unresponsive. It must be durable, with long spin and grind times. It must be able to thumb grind and be good for slack tricks. Also i prefer it be wide but fairly small. Here are the yoyos ive narrowed it down to. What i need is some reviews on the less popular ones, and comparisons. If you feel that i left a yoyo that suits my preferences out, please tell me.
YYF 888, One Drop M1, CLYW Peak, CLYW BVM, Anti-Yo Bapezilla, Any Free Rider, ILoveToYoYo E1NS, SPYY Radian MK II, Throw Down Luchador, And YYF G5


First, I want to say, most of the yoyos there you are gonna have a hard time to get unless you trade (Specifically CLYW and Anti-Yo)

And I think the 888 would fit you well, but its not IRG abled unless you take off the stacks.

Get a m1, cheaper, metal, good quality. I choose m1 for you.

Happy Throwing! =]

Thanks!!! Yeah i kinda figured the CLYW would be impossible to find, but Anti-Yo, not so much

Actuallly, yeah. People will pay high money for them, unless you know of a place whre they sell for retail. Link?

I would recommend an M1. It is cheap, small, and has long spin/grind times. I didn’t used to be able to do a thumb grind, but I learned how to on the M1.

Does no one else find the comedy of his “I narrowed it down” line??? :-\ If that’s your narrowed down list, I’d hate to see what your first list was. When you narrow it down, that’s to like 3 or 4 yoyo’s. You just listed about every nice metal on the market. When you REALLY narrow it down, I’ll post some preferences and opinions.

HAHA agreed

You should get the Skyline. It’s a great yoyo.
Here’s an excellent review:,835.0.html :wink: