Need a good yoyo, possible mini chat night ive i get good answers

alright some of my in desperate need of yoyo posts have been similar to this, but i need help (mentally and with yoyos.) I am getting my first high end metal yoyo for my bday and at first i had up to 60 bucks to spend but it appears i can go as far as 90. But i really need suggestions. Not too many preferences except for grindability, all metal, and unresponsive. I am already looking into CLYW, one - Drop, Hspin, and yyf yoyos but i need a bunch of good suggestions. And if you just say 888 because it is the only good yoyo you have used, thats not good enough. What i really need is some comparisons and pros and cons to yoyos that you feel are the best for 90. If i get some really good answers i am thinking about hosting a chat night with andre’s permission.

What type of style do you play with? I can’t help you unless you tell me. If you grind, find a bead blasted yoyo. If you like speed, find a narrow (doesn’t have to be but helps) and light yoyo but most metal yoyos are light. Also, what type of shape do you like? Tell me and Il tell you the ones I like.

Sorry, but I don’t have any of the yoyos ;D. One thing you can do, go to, type up the yoyos you want/considered. Then, you’ll see a little compare check box under the yoyo. Check that box, go to the bottom of the page, and it’ll say add to compare list. Click that. Repeat for every yoyo, then on the left side of the page will be all the yoyos you selected. Click compare there. You will see the yoyos matched up, dimentions, pictures from the same angle.etc

Try to get a Peak. (Unlikely ;D)

i need grinding and wide for whips

an M1 is a great choice,

I think if you want a YYF metal, you will have to pay 120 dollars. I think all YYF metals are at this price (except the VK). And HSpins are about 109 dollars. In your price class you can get about any Dif-E-Yos, you can get used CLYW yoyos (people don’t like to sell these), Axiom, Meteor, M1 or a project. There’s probably a lot of other yoyos you can buy, but since it’s preference only, I suggest you buy the one that catches your eye.

dont forget the gm2

I would have to say M1. it’s cheaper than $90.00 and it’s better than a 90 dollors yoyo!

It’s undershaped, and the undershaped size makes it feel SO good in your hands. it has speed, and the 10ball bearing is so smooth, and long spin time.

Go with the m1. Ask Samad himself.


I say go for a Project.

yeaa definatly if you can find one. I’m lookin to get a project but i cant seem to find them.
I own two M1s, they ARE responsive. Even after lubing up the bearing. I cant do any sort of whip tricks unless i throw a soft sleeper.

Get the one drop M1 it is $60 and my favorite yoyo after that yoyo, no yoyo felt as good

You shouldnt have lubed it in the first place.