k i have specifics i want like 5 min spin time, no responce light for easy manuvering

Umm if it has a bearing, you can get 5 minute sleepers if you have a good throw. That shouldn’t be a factor in buying yoyos.

By no response, you do mean you want unresponsive?

Do you want big or small?

any size and yeah unresponsive

Well then there’s lots of yoyos. Do you want plastic, metal-rimmed, or metal? It’ll also help if you say what you want in terms of size. Also, shape. Round, pointy, h-shape, etc…?

k i wand all metal, rounded, and hollowed for grinding

Not sure what you mean by hollowed for grinding, but some of the most popular round metals are the 888 and BOSS. Then there will be the Eneme by YYJ when it comes out, Axiom, and then DV888 by YYF. Those are some options.

Hollowed? Please explain where you’re going with that.

All I’ve determined so far is that you want something light and metal. That’s pretty vague.

if you look at the mayhem by duncan it has a perfect edge for a thumb grind

So do lots of yoyos, especially metals.

what is ur highest recomended yyf 1a yoyo

I’m sorry, but your guidelines are so vague there are way to many to just pick one good option for you.

thanx for trien

Edit: were not going to do the work for you. Bottom line it’s your desicion. Use the forums for reviews. Go to different yoyo sites and do your research. Pick 2-5 different yoyos that appeal to your standards,and compare them and choose the best one. Please do not ask every one to search for a yoyo. Pick 5 and we"ll give you opinions if that’s what your askin for.

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My choices are The boss, the dv888 , and the hectic

All are good choices and I own all of them. There all undersized, I recommend geting either a DV888 or a boss. If you’d like, read my review on the DV888