My new M1

(Frank W.) #1

I just got my new One Drop M1. I got the pad response half blue half black. First looks was omg it looks so small, and when I picked it up it feels way to heavy for something so small, but you get use to it. Response out of the box was really nice not tug response, but a nice snap. One thing I did asap was take one of the pads out, that had brought down the response to just how I like it. When I tried to grind I couldn’t tell if it was spinning l0l loved that. Comparing the playability to my X-convict, M1 wins hands down. It’s a nice good solid yoyo. My new favorite hands down. You want a nice good yoyo One Drop M1 is the way to go.


nice,I totally agree


Nice… I myself ordered half blue half black m1.


when will they restock colors?


Good review ;D But now i don’t want it, cause its small haha, i don’t like small yoyos :smiley:

(Frank W.) #6

I went to to compare sizes to my x-convict, so I knew it was gonig to be small but just looking at it looks even smaller then you play with it and its fine.


its tiny

(Frank W.) #8

Yes, but the way I see it if I can land tricks with this small yoyo I could land tricks on any yoyo. Plus it is easy to throw a nice strong sleeper.


I liked my M1 until I returned because it wouldnt work.

(Frank W.) #10

What didn’t work?