m1 or the cut

okay its another which one question but i want your guys opinion and prefences so now im stuck between the one drop m1 and hspin the cut ive read nothing but good things so if anyone can give specs that would be cool thanks guys

Well the m1 is smaller than the cut.

Both are very nice yoyos.

The m1 is quite a bit cheaper though.

What do you like in a yoyo?

Large? Small?
Small bearing? Large bearing?
Heavy? light?

Let me know and I can help you out a bit more!


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i have an x-convict and like it alot id say something simliar but anything will do im up for anything new

I personally think that you should go with the yoyo you feel you want the most. I know that it is hard to decide, but you will definetly end up with a good yoyo so you have nothing to lose. And when you say you want something like an X-ConVict, I have to remind you that it has a really special shape and feel. Therefore, it is hard to find a yoyo that has a similar feel to the X-ConVict.

I’ve come up with something that can help you. If price does matter a lot, you would be leaning towards an M1. I have the M1 myself and really like it. For me, it fits really nice in my hand, but that won’t help you out since you have different hands than me.

The Cut is a fine pice of Swiss yoyo. It has a really eye ctaching look, even though it’s raw and doesen’t have flashy colours. The shape of the yoyo reflects light in an almost hypnotising way. It is lighter and wider than the M1 and if bearing size matters to you, it uses an HSpin sized bearing which is smaller, but about just as wide.

You haven’t given a big lot of preferences. You said that you would like something similar to the X-ConVict. And both of these yoyos are different to it. So I reccomend that you find a way to hold them, see which one you like the more. If you you can’t get an opportunity to hold them, try to stare at them for a long time (then I mean a lot of time) and don’t trun your head until one of them catches your mind.

I hope this post is to any help for you.

that helps alot thanks pheenix

never tried the cut.

I own 3 M1s. Thier the best. I will never get another yoyo unless its another M1. This yoyo fits great in my hand, and I have huge hands. Ive advanced greatly using the M1. Id go for the M1 because its $60. You will not dislike it.

i say go with m1





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