Hspin or OneDrop

Hey guys…I’m just wondering- which is better, Hspin or OneDrop in general? I know its mainly preference, but which has better quality?

You answered your question :wink:

They are both extremely good companies, and they will pretty much give you the same quality. Personally, I would go with One-Drop, not because they are necessarily better, but just cause I love their products. H-Spin yoyos have the exact same feel as well, but as you said, it is all preference.

Hspin is known for their amazing quality. The cut by Hspin is always a great choice if you’re looking to buy something new.

The Markmont is a great yoyo to. Which ever looks nicest to you is really the best way.

I persenally prefer one drop. I seem not to like the size of the HSpin bearings but the 10 balls wih one drops make them #1.lol

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But have you even tried any H-Spins?

Gotta jump in here…

I’m an hSpin fanatic. With that being said, I hate the Cut. I wish I liked it, I really do.


The Pyro is, by far, my nicest thrower. It has the special place of honor sitting right next to my Spyder. It’s huge, with a nice narrow gap, and silk smooth. Sleeps for days. Can be tuned easily and precisely. Takes silicone, if that’s your thing.

On the other hand, OneDrop makes some great stuff. I don’t care much for the M1 personally, but it’s a phenomenal throw. I wish it were a little bigger, and designed a bit differently, but I have to admit that it delivers.

Yeah, if the M1 was bigger, I wouldn’t be having my problem.

I prefer 1 drop myself.

Both are good companies, both make a high quality product, but both are different.

I find one drops yoyos better for what I do, but I also like Hspin Envy 64s.

Opinion of course, some people like Hspins more than one drops, some like one drops more than Hspins.

I in my personal opinion, like one drops a bit more.



I am completely different from you then. I absolutely hate the pyro. Sure it was nice… 4 years ago.

The cut has a practicle shape, a design that sets it out from other yoyos, and it holds silicone.

Yes,I have tried my friend’s cut and also his piro light.

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I’ve tried the cut, pyro, and the m1, and I have to say that I like the cut the most. The m1 is to light and a little small for me (I have big hands). I like the pyro’s shape but not its gap. The cut just seems to fit my hand perfectly and plays at the right pace for me. I’d have to try a project for sure but I prefer Hspin at this point

how exacly is the m1 too light if its heavier than the cut? Or did you mean heavy?

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He meant too light. 65g’s isnt exactly heavy.

I know it isnt heavy but the cut is even lighter.

Yeah, but because its bigger it feels heavier then it is.
Also, he probably thought it was too light for its size as well.

Different yo yo’s feel different to different people. I personally think the M1 feels very heavy, because it’s small yet has a good weight. Sometime heavier yoyo’s have a way of feeling lighter on the string. For instance, I know my DM is heavier than my DNA by almost 5 grams, but it feels about the same on the string to me. And my M1, feels heavier than both, but it’s actually the lighest. It’s all in how they play, and everyone is gonna have a different view of this.

I meant in play, the m1 moves faster in play than the cut does. So to me it feels lighter

HSpin and One Drop both make very good yoyos. And to me, HSpin is just another way of the swiss showing that they always make top-notch products. Chocolate, Watches knifes and now also yoyos. And HSpin is also very classy. They always have beatiful but not exaggerated anodized yoyos and they come with an inividual number (NICE!, but I’m not sure if the cuts are numbered). As many above have said, both of these manufactors are great and you will definently end up with a good yoyo.

My Ghost Pyro holds silicone just fine, too. In fact, it was made to do it. Earlier Pyros were not, I’ll admit, but good luck even finding one for sale.

I also really prefer narrower gaps. IMO, they provide a much straighter throw, better control of the yo during tricks, and much less gyroscopic precession. When I started in the late nineties, gaps were crazy small, and that was to be expected. It’s almost unnatural to me to throw something like a 888, with the real wide gap. I’m trying to come around to it, though! :wink:

The smaller gap size is becoming increasingly rare as of late, so I take what I can get. Of course, the advent of the half-SPEC has been one of the best things to happen to me. Now, if we could just get Frank to make a half-KK, I think I’d be set.

I’m not sure about the practicality of the Cut’s shape. Cosmetically, it’s the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen, but that’s just my opinion. The hand-feel is terrible to me as well. That’s also just opinion, but something that actually matters to me for usability. I prefer much more rounded edges and body styles.

Yes, they are.

I’m quite the opposite. I love the cut’s shape and I think It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. I love how it fits in my hand - It’s perfect. For me, that is.