who likes H spin?

Do you think H spin is a good brand because I was thinking about
getting the Cut?

keep spinning


Yeah, H-Spin is a great brand, and all their yoyos are amazing. However, does the Cut fit your preferences? If not, you will find that you may not like it as much.

Still, it is a great yoyo nonetheless.

hspin is a great brand and the cut is for someone that has a good practiced hand because the cut is good for people that know what there doing you cant buy it and be like im going to try yuuki slack NO! first learn on another yoyo and then when you have got it down then try it with the cut


It’s time for the hSpin fanboy to chime in…

Yeah, hSpin all the way. Even the Cut. (Despite it being ugly as sin, at least it comes in cool colors now!)

I wouldn’t trade any of my hSpin stuff for the world. It’s all too good.

HSpin is classy. If I could choose any yoyo in THE whole world, I could not answer spontainiously, but it would have been an HSpin. The yoyos look cool, play great (from what I’ve heard) and a lot of them are numbered. I belive the cut has no numbering. But to me, numbering a yoyo brings it class. It’s like numbered wines. You have a feeling that numbered wines have a certain amount of quality to them. Numbers, yum.

Yep, Hspin was made from Swiss. They play smoothly.

Happy Throwing! =]

Everything Swiss does ;D They have a good reputation in a lot of fields. Chocolate, cheese, wristwatches, knifes and banks.

Addment: Just let me transfer my money to my swiss bank account, you no (italian accent needed to sound cool).

I like their yoyos but would get a yyf over an H-spin any day,just my preference

For the few i’ve tried i’ve loved, but like everyone said H-spin is really good but they really need that expert hand to really use them to their potential.

I’ve tried an 888 and I have a cut and I have to say I like the cut alot more