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I’ve been thinking and I have come up with a question. Are HSpins worth the money? Why not buy a Meteor? So do you think they are worth the $$$. Thanks

        go JD and Andre ;D  

sorry got confused on where to put it. :-[


Yes - I believe h-Spin is a great company. They make extremely good quality yoyos, and do a wonderful job at it, taking player feedback among other things to make killer products.

I also think the Meteor is worth it. I would rather go with an h-Spin yoyo, but that is because it fits my preference’s more.

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I want an HSpin more than anything. And they should be worth the money. They are a bit less expensive than YYF metals, but they don’t come with hubstacks. 109 dollars is not too much for a high end metal.

Addment: Although they do not have hubstacks, they do have grabable spikes, which will look more “man” than stacks.

(Chris Allen) #4

H-Spins are Great, but I think jumping into that pool is something you shoudl do only if your ready. here is Why.
YoYoJam and YoYoFactory (and a dozen other companies) use the same bearing size. If you burn up a bearing, you can swap until you can find a replacement. Since H-Spin is a Swedish company, they use a metric based bearing, which means that it is not interchangable with the bearings you already have, and if you want a new one you have to order one. Sometimes they are in stock in the US based stores, but not usually.

I would say that having an H-Spin is good as an addition to your metal collection, but should not necessarily be your only metal.
You can’t beat the look though. I mean Wow, H-Spin makes some smexy looking yo’s

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As a european myself I just had to correct this. HSpin is Swiss. I know it that Switzerland and Sweden sound like the same thing. But the Swiss are known for extremely good things (in general).

Everything Swiss is good. It’s like a Swiss bank account, a Swiss wristwatch, Swiss chocolate or a Swiss Army knife. If you go near a candy counter and browse through all the chocolate, you see something and think “hmm, Swiss made, this must be a really good chocolate.”

And yes HSpin yoyos does utilize another bearing size, but do note that this does not have to be reasoned with their European origin. I belive that SPYY (American) also utilizes the same bearing size. These bearing sizes are produced in smaller anounts than the regular size C bearings, but they can be gotten at several stores.

Addment: Yumm, Swiss stuff

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Man, that is like, the 13th time I have made that mistake. lol
Yes, H-Spin is Swiss

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cool thanks for replying ;D. it was just a question. Now i got the anser. thanks again :wink:

yoyo for life!!!