which one

(yokaiyo) #1

I was thinking about getting one of these. So which one should I get?
What is your opinion.

keep spinning


(JonasK) #2

Personally, I would say the CUT, but you should buy out from your own preferences.

As far as my own opinions go, I want an HSpin more than anything else. And the CUT is no exeption. I am saving up for any HSpin. But my saving up goes slow, so they might have renewed their whole collection when I have enough money. HSpins are numbered, which is the coolest feasture you can put on a yoyo.

The Meteor is not too different from the CUT. They both have a sharper shape. The weight difference is only 1 gram. And they are almost the exact same size. They have the same width and only 0.08" separate them in diameter. So what are the real difference here. You could say colours, but the anodized cuts are out (yum). I would say that the CUT has better looks. And apart from that, the only things that are separating them is price, bearing, caps and spikes.

Addment: The CUT also has a really cool surface.


the cut is an awesome yoyo and is something different, and the surface would hide dings better than a colored yoyo. H-spin is a great company, I would trust them.


the cut seems better,I never really liked YYJ metals,but thats just me.


A Metal DM?

The Metallic Magic ;D
Or Reflective Magic? ;D


What,I was talking about the axiom and meteor.


I meant they should make one. People would buy it.