My next yoyos???

I am planning to buy two metal yoyos:

  1. I would like one to be undersized and the other normal size.
    2.The shape doesn’t matter that much but it should feel good holding it.
  2. Response can be any type of pads.
  3. I’ll most probably never mod it.
  4. The color and looks of the yos should be very nice, preferably red,black or some type of splash.
  5. I like to do more technical tricks.
  6. The price range is 160-200 for both yoyos.
    8.My skill level is Master according to Andre’s tuts.
    Addment: I want to buy at least one hspin. Also I already have Dna so don’t want 888.
    (Sorry pheenix, couldn’t resist :wink: ;))

We can start with the Hspin since it will probably be the coolest. The CUT is made by HSpin to be a more competetive yoyo. It has a really cool surface and It will fly through any segment of string from what I’ve heard. It comes with pads which goes to #3. WHen it comes to colour, the CUT is raw. You can get the very sexy anodized one. And if you don’t want it blue, they are releasing a red one for EYYM.

Now you got one yoyo and i suppose you want the other to be different from the first. You have already spent 110 dollars so we need to keep it below 90 dollars. If you want an undersized one below that, you can go with the M1. WHen looking on metals below 90 dollars, the M1 is a good choice. I also believe that a lot of Dif-e-yos are below 90 dollars.

Addment: I think you should go CUT+M1

Any more suggestions???

I can’t belive this, but people have managed to let the BvMs stay in stock for several hours. I personally don’t care much for CLYWs, but it seems like people really like them.

I don’t care for CLYWs either.

Good, they have sold out.

And you are in a bit of a clam. If you want an HSpin, then the other yoyo automatically has to be below 90 dollars because HSpins are 110. You could look into Difs and YYJs. But the M1 might possibly be your best choice in addition to an HSpin. So you will probably end up with HSpin+M1. The HSpin is up to you.

For ur undersized yoyo, you could look at the axiom.
It’s undersized, 1.96 inches in diameter, but a width of 1.62 inches, nearly the same as the DNA. It’s really small. Not sure abt how comfortable it is though, its very cylindrical. The response is yyj silicone, not sure if that can be considered a pad though ??? You probably don’t need to mod it. But you should be able to stack it easily, there is a hole where the axle is, so u can stack it. There is a red color and lazer engraving, so i guess its nice colored.
It should be okay for techincal tricks, and fits in the $200 price range, being 80 dollars. (plus 109 for cut, thats abt 189) It is super unresponsive, so you should be good with it ;D

I am 100% sure about the m1. But I can’t make up my mind whether to wait for the black cut to come out or buy black lily.

The CUT and G&E4 are a bit different. The G&E4 has a nice rounded shape, while the CUT is anything but rounded. The G&E4 is also larger in general.

Addment: Since you want it black, you will have to wait anyways. I don’t know of a place where the G&E4 is in stock (black) and the CUT will not turn out black yet. I still don’t get why you want it black.