Hspin? Silver Lily or Cut?

First questions is: Is yoyoexpert going to sell hspin yoyos? Cause I’m thinking about getting one but I’d rather buy it here.

Second: I’m looking to get an all metal yoyo better suited for my preferences, I have an 09 888 that I love but I just can’t get used to the undersize. I’m looking for a yoyo that is close to the dm’s diameter size (somewhat bigger or smaller is fine), response = silicone sticker, and mainly for 1a. I’ve narrowed it down to the hspin’s Silver Lily or Cut. Can you guys help me figure out which would be better for me? Or if you have any other suggestions please post ;D

P.S. to all that helped with my response problems, thanks for all the help my yoyos are unresponsive again :smiley: it needed a bearing cleaning. I couldn’t post earlier because of an overload of school work

the cut seems better but thats just my opinion
I dont think the will sell them here and I think yoyonation is a little better for shoping anyways

I would rather get the cut. Looks so cool, and is a great one to play. Also, I heard the water lily has some throwback, I think its called. I’m pretty sure that was in the G&E series, but 'm not sure if it is in the water lily.

Also, you may think of the Pyro Light. Its big, and wide, but I don’t think it has silicone stickers.

Nah, I think its hard for Andre, and hspin is foreign. I guess

Happy Throwing! =]

Both Silver, Water (and Blood and Black) Lily are all Good & Evil 4 yo-yo’s, special editions though.
Sliver Lily is hard to get sometimes because it was a single run along Black Lilies, then followed by Water Lilies.

It’s all about personal preference, actually. I would buy the Silver Lily, because there are only limited quantities of it available anymore. It’s cooler when you have a yo-yo that others don’t have. :wink:

P.S. ‘Foreign’ here means Switzerland.

Oh, really? I thought Foreign means all country. ???

Happy Throwing! =]

while I do aim to collect someday, I’m still looking for my main player so I’m mostly looking for one to be played with constantly

I have a review of both of these yo-yo’s at www.yoyoskills.com

Those reviews are what actually got me looking into hspins in the first place ;D
The only thing that is keeping me from buying the cut right now is the raw look of it, I’d prefer a yoyo that stands out in at least color. But since you’ve seen the cut in person dryoyo, could you tell me if the pictures do it justice? I heard from Samad (at least I think it was) that it looks so much better in person. Other wise I might hold off for a special edition :slight_smile:

I dunno, I really like the pictures of the cut I took (lol).
Honestly, the Cut was head over heals better then the Lily in my opinion. There was no comparison.

But I hear you, I don’t like shiny.

lol I’m gonna go with the cut :slight_smile: who knows? I might end up loving the shiny

I just specified your ‘foreign’ by saying that HSpin is a Swiss company :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, it wasnt me. I’ve never seen a Cut in person yet.