Lily YoYos?

(Connor) #1

Where can I buy them? Is there any differences between the different kinds, i’ve heard of ones like: water, blood, black, silver. Is there any difference or is it just the color? Personally I like the Water Lily, is it any good? If they are different then whats the best one for 1A?

Thanks Guys,
Connor :slight_smile:


I just bought the water lily, I like the size and appearance, and it has a 4mm bearing as opposed to the black silver and blood which have a 5mm (width). So far, I HATE how responsive it is, but I just ordered a ton of different response stickers, and I am going to try to rig up some sort flowable silicon. is the only place that carries the water lily, and the owner is very nice. It runs about 70 pounds ~$105. I got it in 9 days. Remind me, I’ll let you know how the other response systems work. But, it is a great size, shape and weight. If I can get the response right it will be perfect, and the finish is like silk.


The good and evil 4 (aka lily) is made by hspin. you can buy them at (or something like that) and spingear.something (look it up). Or at their webstite


The Hspin Silver Lily, Black Lily, Blood Lily, and others are in, this website is where you can buy Hspin yoyos.

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