magic yoyo as good as some high end metals!

ive been looking into the range of magic yo’s and I have also played with a few and I was supprised that they are just as good as some high end metals and easily as good as the cheaper range of metals $50 price range. they are are made wth the same 6061 alluminum andcome stock with kk bearings. what I’m basically saying is its a case of paying a big mark up for the brand names which are made in china anyway but that’s not to say that the brand names don’t have some good shape designs ect but for the money the magic yos are a steal.


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no what? you don’t think there as good as some of the high end metals or no as in your supprised?

For some reason a lot of people around here don’t like Magic yoyo.
I’m not sure why as a lot of others in the community do like them a lot.

Maybe these guys just don’t want to admit they like them? :smiley:

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That would be wrong.

There those of us who dislike magic yo because they use cheap grade metals and have stolen certain designs from other companies. I for one also don’t like how they play and feel.

As far as I know 6061 Aluminum is 6061 Aluminum.
Also, I think there was like one design they ripped off once several years ago.

I haven’t played with any of them so I have no idea how they play.
I just know were they are loved, and where they are loathed.

Accidental thank you when I tried to quote :stuck_out_tongue:

As for what I meant to say, what designs have they “stolen?” People always say this, yet I can’t think of one, and all of their recent designs have been original as far as I can tell.


I thoroughly enjoy magic yoyo I own at5,t8,k9,k8,m002,n9,and n11 all play well my favorite is the new m line it plays just as good as my 50 dollar throws and if I ding it no big deal it only cost 20 bucks

There’s a few MYY gems out there but most are just…weird.

I own a K6 (Awesome throw!), T9 (Also an awesome throw), K9 and K8 (both of these are just plain weird and have some pointless design elements like non working “hubstacks”). The K9 looks like a very geometric version of the Shutter with plastic discs in the “finger spin cups”. One of the discs spins freely, the other doesn’t spin at all.

The K8 is an oversized V shape with a poor attempt at lateral caps (which are just loose-fitting but not loose enough t easily remove, somewhat free spinning concave plastic caps). I’m sure the K8 would work better if I can get those caps removed…

While i wouldnt buy one, I did get a N11 for xmas. I must say it plays really well, but the bearing is not great. Not as good as my CLYW’s but pretty good for being so cheap.

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Theres this thing called auldey

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I have a couple N12 Sharks and I love them. I just got The Silencer and I also really like it, although it seems to play a bit heavy. The two feel like they’re the same weight in the hands but The Silencer plays a bit slower (although it’s also very stable).

I have a friend is quite a good yoyo thrower (he came in 3rd in Nationals in the Trick ladder for his age division). His main yoyo is a CLWY Chief. I asked him to play with my Shark without looking at the logo. He was also quite impressed with it and didn’t want to put it down. When I told him he couldn’t believe it was a $20 yoyo.

So while I haven’t tried much of their range, of the ones I have played I really like them. The N12 is still my 2nd favorite throw after my TOO H.O.T.

They play alright, but spend a little more for something of higher quality IMO.

just go to a machining House in Shenzhen und give them your CNC-Designs. They produce anything you want if you take 100+ pieces. the more yo order the less you pay for one. you can easy produce 1000 hubs (500 YoYo) for about 2-10 dollar each. the machining shop dont even care what they produce as long as they can keep their machines running. presumably also big brand budget yoyos are machined on the same CNC-machines. just dont look for qualitiy inspections @ YYM. i had some great ones, and some bad ones. mostly the bearing was faulty, and i think tolerances are pretty high and the finish is too glossy for me. but i really like my N5-desperado. plays nearly as good as my spyy desperado. Just feels way more cheap.

yes I agree some look strange but the simple designs like the shark looks good to me and you can always change the bearing and silicone response it yourself. my czm8 has some noticeable vibe and I am a experienced player so its not me! so I think the shark is good for the money you can get one on ebay for like £8.00 free shipping. I’m not saying they replace the high end throws but what I am saying is some high ends are way overpriced.

Magic YoYo provides great value. I use mine primarily as beaters. I’ve probably lost more of them than I own. They’re not premium yoyos, but they don’t cost a premium either. They almost or do play as well as most $45 budget metals which are made in China just the same anyway.

They are beasts with a different bearing and response.

they are! At least some of them. But the magicyoyo response pad SUCK!!

I think some of the MYY are awesome. Not all, but some.

My biggest gripe with them is incosistency. Sometimes the bearings come bad from factory or the pads really suck, etc. For the price though it cant be beat.

I have N5, N9, N12.

Other yoyos aren’t overpriced as much as they are a way for people to make a fairly sustainable business with a small customer base.

You’ve got people who are working on yoyos as a job, refining designs and spending a lot of time on it. They then have to pick between ordering from China (where shipping is an added cost and you may want to go inspect things personally) or from a local manufacturer (where manufacturing is EXPENSIVE at $100/hr or so). Still have to make a profit, with all of those added costs.

Then, you have retailers. Magicyoyo does not partner with many retailers, and when you see Magicyoyo in stores they’re always more expensive than buying direct. The store owner has to make money, and shipping to that additional destination costs money too.

Magicyoyo has decent production quality, but their design is often lacking as far as performance goes. All of their yoyos feel heavy, and while there are nice features like mini-fingerspin cups on M-002 it really isn’t worth it unless you have to have a yoyo at that price point.

In the end, it comes down to business strategies. Make a nice yoyo, hype it up, convince people that even if it’s not much better than the others your money is going to people you like. Magicyoyo chooses to forgo that (at least in America) and market to people in Asia.