magic yoyo?

so I was on ebay looking at yoyos the other day and I came across a brand I had never seen before, it was called magic yoyo. they had a pretty decent selection and all of them were full metal and around $20-$30. I watched a video featuring one of their yoyos and it looked pretty sweet but I want to hear from some of you and see if they are actually any good. I’ve heard that the yo-yos themselves are pretty good but the bearings they come with are crap. another thing, I’m pretty sure they’re based somewhere in Asia which is why I had never heard of them and most of you probably haven’t either.

They’re 20 bucks I have a magic yo T5 I call it my bgrade yoyorecreation if you buy one you can’t go wrong I highly recommend it the only downside is its responsive out of the box and you have to break it in its from china so…yeah it shipped to me in 3 days

Hong kong. I have the N5 and T5, both are great and very cheap. Good performers as well, the bearings are U shaped (like a kk) and the responce is crap but with a ct and some flowable silicone they are great yoyos I must admit.

A couple of the kids in my neighborhood have these. They have a vibe to them. They don’t feel quite as nice as other yoyo’s. But they look nice, have fun colors, and you can do plenty of tricks with them. I don’t care for them myself, but the kids seem to have a great time with them.

Really? A vibe? Both of my magic yoyos have absolutly no vibe whatsoever. Maby those kids nocked it up against something before you got a hold of it…maby but I know that my two are smooth as silk.

Nope, they live down the street and brought them over the right after they got them in the mail to show them off to me.

Yep I agree, my magic yoyo magistrate has a pretty serious vibe to it, interesting shape though, it lacks spin time too.

I mentioned earlier that I heard they came with crap bearings so that would explain the vibe and spin time. try switching out the bearings.

my t5 has about as much vibe as your average general yo. which is to say none whatsoever.
I’ve done the fingernail test and it’s smooth as silk. and it plays pretty well to boot.

ive switched it out to a dif e yo konkave and same deal, might be just my throw though, its a little harder to throw beacause of its shape