Magic brand yoyo's

Has anyone come to an agreement on the legitimacy or quality of Magic brand yoyo’s? Because they are so cheaply priced i wonder about the company and how they can afford to make them. Their designs definitely seem unique and i own 2 of them. Not sure if its worth it to try other models

Which models do you currently own?

I have 4 t5s because i like them so much

I’ve heard they are pretty decent but their obviously cheaply made. I’ve heard of several people who’s yoyo came with no bearing. They all got a bearing or another yoyo after they contacted them but I think it’s a greasy budget thing because some people won’t bother getting customer service.

My T5 came with NO BEARING at all.
That’s right.

They have promised something would arrived by the 9th and it is the 13th now so…

That being said, after I put a yyf straight c bearing in it, I was amazed at how smooth it played for an 8!!! dollar yoyo.

I swear that’s how they save money. I bet at least 1/4 come with no bearing.

I have the t8 and the n12. both arrived on time all parts included and have run very smoothly but are VERY easy to scratch up. I’ve considered the desperado but the shape seems awkward to me

It depends, in my country (Indonesia) we had magicyoyo official reseller and also team members so we never had “no bearings” condition, I think it has something to do with the reseller instead of the company itself.
Now into quality, I had three magics, two t5s and one sharkhonor, these play really well and smooth it’s as if they should actually sell it for over $50. The later models mostly have better grinding surface, while the old ones like the t5 have shiny/polished finish.

I’ve tried 7 different Magic YoYos now, and the N12 is definitely the best of them. Being that I like undersized yo-yos, the T6 and N8 are also fun for me. Never had one that didn’t come with a bearing.

Because their so cheap, I think I’m going to get one of each. The ceramic one looks really cool.

The D5 is a top tier plastic performer. Up there with Rally, Protostar, and Addiction. And the N12 can complete with most metals sub $90.

You know with the N12 it’s funny, every time I throw it I think that it shouldn’t be as good as it is. It feels like it should cost more…or rather, it feels like yo-yos that cost $100+ should cost less. I know there’s a lot that goes into designing and producing a good metal yo-yo, and that companies will always charge what the market will bear but if companies like MYY can keep producing quality at this cost, maybe the market is going to have to change to match. Obviously we’re already seeing a shift with low-cost high-performance metal yo-yos like the Shutter, Torque, the sub-$50 lines that are really selling well. I hope we see more of it.

I can see your country just fine below your name, kinda pointless saying it out loud.

anyway, I think it’s more like…
if you like them, just throw them end enjoy the moment

I own 3 magic yoyo, and I like them as they are.

can someone explain the difference between the n11 and n12??

Mass, shape, size. They’re different designs.

I’ll have to take your word for it because i’ve never seen the n11 in person. I’ve always been told the n12 plays better but from an online perspective they seem very similar and I was wondering why the n12 is better.

The only way they can be so cheap is because of two main things:

1: Cheap Materials
2: Underpaid labor

Cheaper/lower grade aluminums have many different properties of higher grade aluminums, one of which being that is is “softer” and easier to scratch up. Hence someone saying…

The bearings are also probably cheaply made, though I actually like the magic yoyo bearings over a lot of other brands.

The main reason I don’t buy magic yoyo’s is because there is no way to make something like a performance yoyo that cheap without someone not getting paid…

basically… $12 - $20 does not cover designing, manufacturing, assembling, shipping, handling, and everything else that goes into making yoyos… Meaning the people who make them are likely unappreciated and underpaid.

Magic yoyo is also owned by a massive toy/electronic manufacturing company in Shenzhen, which coincides with my “unappreciated workers” statement.

They are actually amazing yoyos, but just keep that in mind when you are thinking of buying one.


^ yeah sadly these things pretty much have to be sweatshop made, probably a major factor in why YYE doesn’t sell them, they are very good people!