MagicYoYo N12 Shark

Hey everyone, I bought this yoyo a couple of weeks ago, Haven’t seen any reviews on the usual websites that I frequent and really do feel that this model deserves one. I have thrown this yoyo and only this yoyo for the passed week to fully test what it’s capable of, I’ve tested with various strings and bearings. I understand that MYY isn’t everyone’s favorite yoyo company, a few of you probably haven’t used or seen one of their yoyo’s but this is a company that I personally think deserves more recognition. Without further a-do let’s crack on with this review.

This is an album of the yoyo from unboxing to angles of the yoyo.

Material: 6061 alluminium
Weight: 67.58g
Diameter: 55mm
Width: 44mm
Gap width: 4.62mm (approx)
Response: Recessed MYY Silicone Pads.
Bearing: Size C stainless steel 10-ball concave bearing.
Finish: Bead blasted colour anodised and laser engraved.

The First Throw
Before I even threw it, I was impressed, the finish on the yoyo is just spectacular I bought the blue with silver splash which was shining at me through it’s packaging, when the sun hits it in the right way the silver has small speckles in it which just look great, the string that came with the yoyo isn’t great so I threw that aside and put a normal kitty string on it. When I got to throw it, happiness ensued, no vibe, no wobble, silent as a mouse. After 20 minutes of play the bearing started to become loud, this may have just been a lubing issue as after cleaning and re-lubing it’s now on par with my OD 10 ball.

So, What’s it feel like?
After throwing it and several others I can safely say that this yoyo almost out plays most of my ‘high end’ yoyo’s and also keeps me from worrying about losing one of them whilst I’m out and about. I found that using YYSL type X strings work very well with the yoyo, Kitty normal also have a very nice feel with it. Comparing this to others that I have, I would say it feels like the love child of a code 2 and a Gnarwhal. The shape is very similar to that of the Gnarhwal and the weight and size feels alot like the code 2, there is probably a better comparison to be made, those two are ones that I own and have a lot of play time on.

How’s it play then?
It plays like any of the high end contestants. The finish on it is so smooth that during grinds you hardly even notice that it’s on your skin, Not wearing a glove I can grind it on my finger for around 7-8 seconds (longest has been 15seconds) and still get a great responsive bind (Take that with a pinch of salt, I don’t grind well). It’s great for thumb grinds aswell as it has quite an open IRG area. It plays a bit floatier that I expected but after 5 minutes it felt as fast as I usually play, It’s stable and steady even during low momentum after a grind it’s still fairly steady. I can’t state how good it is for horizontal as I haven’t given it enough of a chance or practiced it enough.

So, what’s the verdict?
At the end of the day, it’s less than $30 (I paid £20 for mine), for a yoyo that I actually prefer to use rather than any of my OD or CLYW throws it’s absolutely fantastic. Don’t let the Chinese company or low prices behind it strike fear into your heart, they did a great job on this yoyo and I would recommend to anyone to pick up one if you get the chance.

Closing Notes
Thank you for reading this review, Hope you have found it informative, as this is my first review of a yoyo feel free to provide feedback or criticize me.


Very nice review. I’m a fan of Magic yoyo, too. I’ll be getting one of these very soon.


I really like the look of the shark, Never played a Magic but I have played enough cheaper throws to know how good they can be

I have an n5. I really like magicyoyo. Good review!

uggghhhhh (in a good way)

That looks soooo good. I want a n12 in THAT color specifically. The blue with silver appeals to me the most out of the options they’ve produced. And that SHAPE!? Gosh… makes me melt inside. Gimme gimme gimme.

I’m starting to LOVE this company.

I went on their website, and on the side there is a what I believe to be a yoyo listed… The “D5 Hope Star”… But when you click it, nothing comes up. HYPE. A new line of Magic yoyo’s starting with the D5? Can’t wait.

15 second grind? Please record and post that!

Thanks for pointing that out… I’m excited to see what that is. If the Shark is anything to go by though it’s going to be a beast, especially if the price tag stays relatively low, saying that though I’d still buy most of their products even if prices doubled.

I’ve edited my post for clarity, 15seconds is the longest I’ve grinded and it’s only happened a couple of times. I usually pull around 8 second grinds with it and still have enough motion to bind well.

Nice review! I just got a T5 in a trade and I love that thing! It plays a lot better than some of my $100+ throws and it costs $12 dollars brand new. I was actually looking online last night to order the N12. I think magic yoyo’s are fantastic, and I think it’s kinda ridiculous that I see that YYF’s are made in the exact same city as the Magic YoYo’s. Who wants to make a bet that the same factory produces YYF’s and we’re paying a 90% mark up? anybody? Anyways, nice review! Also, if anybody is debating on getting a Magic YoYo or not, get one! You will not regret it!

I love the look of the shark, and n12 has a nice ring to it. My favorite color combo for it is the green splash… Green is my favorite color, but pretty much any shade of blue looks beast on a yoyo… MagicYoYo is great!

I’ve just bought a second shark as I’m looking at dipping my toes into 3A, I bought the green with white and wow mixing the two just looks awsome.

I’ve been wanting to buy one so bad! The only magic Yoyo I have ever owned was a magistrate an it was great. Amazing performance from such a low price throw. Could you PM me details about where to get one? In interested in N12 shape!! I have a feeling it’s gonna be a throw that changes people’s mind about magic haha

Just go to ebay and type in Magic YoYo N12. It’s around $24.99, but it takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive, since it comes from China.

I messaged Jcp, Ebay usually isn’t the way to go with shipping in mind, just taken a look around some of my usual Uk/europe stores and compared prices, it’s about 5-10dollars cheaper to buy from a europe yoyo site and will take less than a week to ship it aswell.

That observation speaks volumes about Magic-Yo.
That 90% mark-up that you speak of is closer to 50%. The profits pay for things like research and development as well as sponsoring teams and contests.

I could say more, but I will refrain on this thread. :cry:

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Magic Yoyo sponsors their team and contests too… And obviously they research and develop also! I’m confused.

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Dumping: occurs when manufacturers export a product to another country at a price either below the price charged in its home market, or in quantities that cannot be explained through normal market competition.

$25, high-quality CNC Aluminum yoyos with ball bearing, shipped from China? Really people? You actually believe that this price is a fair one that reflects the true cost of production and distribution? What you are complaining about is pricing that in any other market would be termed “predatory”.

The practice is called dumping. In a market, larger than the yoyo market, this would be termed illegal through the above definition of dumping. Your support of this activity is just the sort of short-sighted consumerism that has toppled many innovative, home-grown indigenous industries.

Get a clue.

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And here comes the giant argument…

Let’s not start this, at least not in my thread. I made this review to show a great yoyo, be it from a manufacturer that is involved in ‘Dumping’ onto the market or not, good yoyos deserve recognition.

And for the love of all that is holy people, please don’t quote a full post from someone who posts pictures, it’s just a waste of page space when you quote like that.

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edit: Okay you’re right… no need to start this.