Magicyoyo N5, N9 and T6!

This is my first ever review of three yoyos from what seems to be a company that is not well known! These are actually my first professional yoyos that I’ve ever bought, since I am new to yoyoing! Sorry for the bad pictures, I had to use my phone :-\

UPDATE #1: Thank you yoyospirit for the help with my first review! Added some more stuff to it :wink:

On to the review!

The first yoyo: The Magicyoyo N5 Desperado!

Here are the specs:
Material: Aluminum
Colors: Purple, Blue, Silver, Red AND PINK! (Thanks Waylon xP)
Weight: 69.5 g
Width: 45.3 mm
Diameter: 50.8 mm
Gap width. 4.72 mm
Bearing: C sized Concave
Response type: Silicone response pad

I bought it for 20$ on Ebay.

First off, I’ll start a bit on grinds first, since this yoyo surprised me… I have seen some reviews saying it excels at grinds, but I do not find it to be a good grinder… Grinds can be done, but they are rather difficult…

The yoyo features an aluminum body with amazing designs and cool colors with a wide shape similar to a SuperWide or a Monster, but don’t let the shape fool you! The Desperado teases you with it’s shape: Though it looks wide, it is actually not bigger then any other yoyo… Still, it seems to be a little tough to land it in small areas…

It plays well for 1A, haven’t tried 5A or anything like that… it lands smoothly from string to string, but is sometimes hard when doing tricks like Black hops or certain slacks…

It plays amazingly smooth and unresponsive! For my first professional yoyo I’ve ever bought, I’ve found it really amazing! Perfect weight too! It barely ever tilts… Most people say that the concave bearing that comes with the yoyo is horrible and you should switch it out immediately, I beg to differ! The concave that came with my yoyo is unbelievable! It spins for a long time and is very quiet! I do agree though that the string should be thrown away and replaced with better string!

With these Chinese/Indonesian companies, you can’t always be sure what you’re getting is exactly the best… The yoyos are amazing, but the bearing may sometimes be a little bad or slow… But, hey, for the price, it can’t be beat!

Well, that’s the end of my first review! All in all, this yoyo would be a great addition to anyone’s collection for the price and don’t be surprised if it beats out some of your better expensive yoyos!

-Low price
-Long spin time
-Wide shape
-Nice designs
-Can easily be re-siliconed

-Bad string
-Difficult grinding
-Easily scratched (Oops! ::))

Overall rating: 9/10

On to the NEXT yoyo!

The Magicyoyo N9 Floating!

I bought this yoyo for 20$ on Ebay also!

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 68g (73.8g with Z-Stacks)
Width: 40.4mm
Diameter: 53mm
Gap Width: 4.72mm
Bearing type: Concave bearing
Response type: Silicone response pads

Ah, Good 'old Z-stacks!

When I first looked at the yoyo the colors attracted me. You can either get Purple with pink splash or black with white splash! The shape is similar to an hourglass-shaped yoyo, and the gap is the same width as pretty much any of their yoyos. No tilt whatsoever with this guy!

The stacks run absolutely smooth, the only thing is that they can be quite the loud mouth :-\

But really, I don’t mind! When you’re not playing with the stacks they quiet down and you feel like it stopped spinning, but when you bind it back, it comes back pretty darn quickly! :stuck_out_tongue:

The yoyo is also unresponsive and all-metal, and I couldn’t of asked for better! The nice designs on the sides and Chinese lettering add to the yoyo, making it look extra nice! I just wish it had some sort of design like the Desperado xD

It plays absolutely fantastic for 1A string tricks and slacks! Still haven’t tried playing any other style with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Magicyoyo uses the same bearings and response types in all their yoyos, and they work very well! The yoyo plays smooth on the string and this one’s great for grinds! Any one you can think of you can do it! It is very light too! I’m surprised at how this company isn’t getting any more popularity! They aren’t bootlegging designs and they have incredible prices! How can you not like that? :slight_smile:

The yoyo plays good horizontally, and can take quite a few tricks at fast rates! It doesn’t die off as you do intense tricks and has quite the looks! It seems to wobble slightly when first thrown, but it corrects itself almost instantly and doesn’t lose speed!

Again, I have to say this is yet another masterpiece from Magicyoyo with very few flaws!

-Low price
-Awesome Z-Stacks
-Great color
-Good for grinds
-Good horizontal play

-Z-Stacks can be quite loud
-Some vibe to it when first thrown, corrects instantly though!

Overall rating: 10/10

Man, seems like I’m on a roll!

NEXT yoyo!

The Magicyoyo T6 RAINBOW!

I bought this yoyo for a low price of 13$ on Ebay!

-Material: Aluminum
-Weight: 66.3g
-Width: 41.3mm
-Diameter: 51mm
-Gap width: 4.50mm
-Bearing type: Concave bearing
-Response type: Silicone response pads

Yet another great yoyo! The shape reminds me of an 888 for some reason, and it is made of aluminum… There isn’t much design on this one, and the designs there are aren’t very nice… but the color silver goes good with it! It also comes in red or blue…

It plays really smooth! For some reason this yoyo came with a bearing that was really bad… It’s the same type, but seems loose and badly constructed, so I switched it out for another bearing, and WOW! It plays amazingly! It’s quiet, fast, smooth, nothing wrong with it! Plays great 1A and no tilt or vibe!

IS it ever good for grinds, too! The surface makes for smooth grinding anywhere, BUT the thumb grinds! It features a nice grinding ledge for your thumb, but does it ever scratch up that fingernail when you grind! :-\ Other then that it grinds smoothly!

It is completely unresponsive, and can be surprisingly heavy! For the size it wouldn’t seem to be that heavy! It’s a really cool throw when you get used to it, which doesn’t take long!

Yet AGAIN, this company amazed me at another great yoyo! You should add all three of these guys into your collection NOW!

-Low price
-888 shape
-Amazing grinding
-Smooth play

-Came with a bad bearing (Low probability of getting a bad one)
-Thumb grinds can be annoying

Overall rating: 9/10


All three of them are a blast to throw! I enjoy throwing all of them, and can’t pick a favorite! They are three different yoyos altogether, but are worth the 55$ I spent on them!

I have seen much disputes over Magicyoyo’s being good or not for the price: LOOK. The performance isn’t totally decided by the yoyo, but by the player. The aluminum and the bearings? Some high-end companies use the same stuff. Don’t like them? Don’t use 'em. Deal with it. These yoyos are better then I’ve seen any other yoyo perform. ENOUGH SAID!

Any questions feel free to reply to this topic or PM me anytime!

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Not bad for your first review! Could use more description of how the yoyo is on some tricks and how often they tilt. Also, Magic Yoyo is an Indonesian company :wink:

Added some stuff! Thanks for the tips! Would love some more criticism people!

They also come in pink.

Um, which ones? The N5? I see I missed that…

Whoops. I only read the n5 review. But yeah, the n5 definitely comes in pink. Mine is pink.

I’ve heard that sometimes people get bad bearings from Magicyoyo. Is it likely that you get one? I just ordered a t6.

I can’t really speak on that. The bearing in mine was top notch.

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they seem to get tarnised and corroded pretty easily. also a note, the axles that come with them arent that great. magic yoyos are bang for your buck though!

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Thanks. My last yoyo was a Yomega Xodus II, which I have to say isn’t worth $20, so I haven’t gotten that much into yoyoing yet. I’m just starting to get to André’s advanced tricks. From what I’ve heard, I think that this yoyo will be perfect for me. I’ll probably wash the bearing with lighter fluid and lube it.

I believe the ones before they upgraded into the ten ball concave [not KK and also not trifecta] were so-so or not good for some.

But these later batches which have the ten ball concave are good bearings. Really smooth, and really quiet too. Good spin time too. The best which I can compare this is to Crucial concave v2, the concave grooved one. Almost the same performance but the crucial is louder, I seem to think that the magic yoyo bearing is smoother too.

EDIT : Bearings that I have owned : YYF spec, YYF Center Track, YYJ speed, Crucial V2, Duncan Size C and A, Brandless Stainless Size A, some other cheap yoyos[relatively insignificant]
I have only tried the Magicyoyo bearing on an N11, also I dont own it.

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I must say these bearings and axles are a win/lose situation… I have only had issues with the two out of five yoyos I’ve bought from them and I honestly have to say they are loose and loud but those two bearings work great despite their responsiveness… I just swap 'em out when I need to do grinds and other stuff!

Good review! I have the Desperado, too! It’s my first unresponsive metal and I love throwing it!


im getting a magicyoyo yoyo soon and i wondered how you tell if it’s a bad bearing or not.

I have an N9 and it actually always vibes during throws.

I got bad bearing though.