Magic Yoyo (T5, N5, or N9?)

Just as title says…I am interested in the Magic yoyo T5, N5, and N9…I am only able to buy 2, so what is recommended for me to buy? Preferably stable, long spinning, good with horizontal, etc.

EDIT: And, are there any other Magicyoyos to consider?

I am also curious as to which is the best, so i guess bump. and may i ask where you’re getting yours?

Probably ebay. I’m unsure of the legitimacy of websites that sell them, and ebay has a rep system.

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OK, I have the 5, T9, T10 and N9 and am waiting for the T6 to arrive. I’m pretty pleased with these so I might get the “whole set” and maybe double up on a couple for tryng Asquared style.

T5: Full sized I think. Feels good. Decent, no frills but performs amazingly well for the price. Way above my expectations. V-shaped, smooth, plays wonderful.

T9: This is a stacked model with Z-type stacks. H-shaped, not really my thing. Either way, it still plays well above it’s price range I was very surprised at this one. This is one I may double up on. Very undersized.

T10: This s a stacked model with Z-type stacks; More of a Dienasty kind of shape, what I call a D shape since the rims are a bit pronounced. Like the T9, very undersized. I like this performance better over the T9. This is probably the one I will double up on for ASquared and maybe 3A. I do see the stacks being a bit of a negative for 3A though.

N9: At 53mm, this yoyo plays “bigger” than the size suggests to me. The full sized Z-type stacks are easy to catch. Performance is really solid. I prefer yoyos that are like 56mm wide, this is only 53mm wide but plays like it’s 56mm wide. I got the silver with black splash special edition. I wonder how much stacks will affect horizontal play, but I’m a long way from even attempting that kind of play!

The T6 I managed to get shipped for $9.50. Undersized. It should arrive any day.

Now, one concern I had was the bearings, which I thought would suck. The stack bearings could be replaced, so I’ll probably go Terrapin X for those kits. The main bearing for all of them is a concave and it plays really, really good. I’m getting over 4 minutes of spin time out of these stock out of the box. I’ll wait to swap stack bearings until I “complete my set” and then go for it all at once to avoid confusion. As far as the main bearing, I see no reason to touch it.

The response is OK. It’s some sort of silicone. I am probably going to just take a weekend and silicone all of them so I have control. The T10 doesn’t seem to grab enough, while the others appear a bit nicer on the bind return.

As far as stable and long spinning, these are that. Vibe is minimal and could probably be tuned out. It’s not a distraction as I don’t obsess over it. Yeah, mine vibe, especially the ones with stacks. It doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of these in any way.

If you find the right deals, these are super affordable, but shipping can be slow. I must admit, these are coming in rather fast. One came in from China in like 9 days. I was shocked it came so fast. Others can take a month to arrive.

I think these can help set a new standard for low cost metal yoyos. My only complaint is that the stack bearings seem a bit inconsistent, but I see that with high cost yoyos as well. Not to knock YYF, but this could very well happen to me when I get a SuperStar soon, but I won’t really care if it does as I’m planning to replace those bearings regardless of how they perform.

It’s hard to say. The N5 Desperado is very different, in the fact that it’s a super wide format. This would appear to be an interesting one to get especially if you don’t have a ultra-wide yet. It’s on my list.

The T5 and N5 should handle horizontal no problem based on their shapes. The N9 is great if you like stacks and yet still want nice inside lines as it’s very smooth(as in absent from hard angles).

I really like the T5 and N9. I have a wide yoyo, the Aoda Miracle. I wouldn’t mind trying another wide yoyo and the N5 fits that bill nicely.

I think two high fives are in order, a T5 and an N5.

Seriously, I was surprised by this brand. One of the folks here turned me onto them and I’ve jumped in a big way.


In my opinion N5 desperado and N9 Floating are probably the two best. Between these two the difference is that n5 has no hubstacks or z stacks, the n5 diameter is smaller and the gap is much wider. Good for lots of strig wraps like for a cold fusion or something. N9 litteraly floats, it has z stacks which makes play fun, it is really light and makes tricks easy to do, n9 is just a perfect balanced yoyo for 23.75 on ebay

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N5 and N9.

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Alright, thanks guys. I’m still struggling, though…I don’t care for hubstacks at all. With that in mind, is the n9 better for me than the t5?

Yo Newbies United!

I have the T5 and man Is It amazing. It’s becoming my favorite yoyo the more I use It. Opened my eyes towards this company. I haven’t tried any of the other Magic Yoyo’s but I will In the near future. Tough call here because I’ve heard great things about all of these. Since you can get two for right now, you could choose one that you are feeling and then flip a coin out of the other two. Like everyone said, the N5 Is a wide yoyo, N9 has hubstacks but they’re removeable, and the T5 Is a v-shape yoyo (smooth and very comfortable). If you have any questions, PM me anytime. Hope this helps!

In that case you probably want the N5 and T5.

on a web site that has 4 letters you can buy the t5 for $12.99 and it ships from new jersey u can buy other magicyoyos from the same dude for killer prices on that certain familiar website

I didn’t know magic yoyo was so talked about…I had a T5 and I didn’t like it. It was purchased off eBay. It just didnt do what it was meant to do. And it wouldn’t bind all the time. This is my experience with it…maybe I just had a terrible experience. Get what you think is best and you would enjoy most!

I have a T10 and just got a T5 today. The T10 was actually the third throw I ever bought. It felt very heavy on the string for such a small throw, but other than that it played great. I’ve only had it for one day, but I think the T5 is even better. It feels lighter on the string and plays quicker, but once in a while it fails to bind. I’m guessing I either need to break in the pads or change the response, but other than that both are fantastic for the price.

With magic yoyos you need to replace the response. The pads that come in them are crap.

I’ve adapted to those pads pretty well, but I do agree they could be a lot better. I think whatever they are using is just simply too hard. and slick.

I’m going to wait until after I’ve ordered and received an N10 and N11 and then go and silicone all my Magic YoYos.

IMHO N10 plays the best out of all the magic yoyos!!! :wink:

Another awesome post, but are you sure the N9 is 53mm wide?

The N9 is 53mm in diameter. I’m not sure where you see I mentioned it being wide, but I did not specify I was talking diameters. It’s 40.4mm wide though, so pretty average. The design of the yoyo is designed to give it a generous catch zone.

Just cuz I noticed that too. :wink:

Wow, now I see it. Thanks for pointing it out or I probably would have missed it.

Whoops! And I’m typing at a reasonable time. Must have been distracted by screaming kids.

You should be throwing, Chris!