Magic Yoyo (T5, N5, or N9?)

I really wouldnt recommend getting a magic yo because if you do you are just supporting blatantly stealing a hubstack system already patented by another company

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I should, but I have so many other things to do. Many of my days, I’m stuck on the phone doing support work for clients. Must be at computer(s) with multiple systems running and doing different tasks while I monitor and do things as needed.

Today, I’m unloading and then reloading my truck for my 4 day gig this weekend.

Don’t try to take that path. I have seen documentation showing those that do the loudest whining about the infringements tend to be the ones doing the infringements in the first place. There’s a lot of licensing of designs and a lot of people start shouting “bootleg” and “infringement” before knowing the whole story as well.

Why not just have Duncan sue the universe for coming up with any sort of “symetrical pair of spinning discs, joined at the center and has a string looped around the area between the two discs”.

im not saying any suing needs to be done but, I personally dont support the bootleg brands that rip off ideas and sell them

Interesting choice considering of words YYF is your current signature image.

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Magic yoyo doesn’t bootleg. Don’t get me started on that. While they do infringe on the KK and hubstack laws, many Werrds come with hubstack posts, but no one attacks Werrd. Many legit companies over in other countries where they don’t care about U.S. patents because the U.S. Patent Office will patent anything. Do you think YoYoFactory was the first to put bearings on the side of a yoyo? Did Frank Dif-E-Yo invent the U-Shaped bearing? No, he patented its use in a yoyo. There are bearings in U-shapes for other purposes. There have even been body parts patented. Tell me, did that person invent the body part? No, they just discovered it.

Most of these yoyo-related patents are only existent because of their use in a yoyo.

It says right on the box that the hubstack, z stack is copyright of yoyofactory. So they are not intentionally ripping off any company. They are in fact giving credit where credit is due