How are Magic Yo yoyos?


How are they? Do they play nice? Are the Z-stacks on the N9? Does anyone know? I want to get one, but they are in Hong Kong, so is it worth it? Is there another place to get them faster? Thanks! :smiley:


Yes they do play very good…there is also another thread just like this one, go check it out.

I have the t5 and n5, both play exceptionaly well…and there is one place that you could get them from faster…wait for it…me, on my bst, hehe. They do play great though.


Thanks, do they have good sleep time? BTW I’ll go check out the other thread, I didn’t know there was one.


Yeah, they do…the responce in them sucks though, some wierd pad. So I siliconed them myself and now they are wonderfuly snappy on binds.


I’m not very good a siliconing, could I just buy the pads here? BTW, whats the other thread called?


Not sure what the other thread is called but I commented on it like this one. It takes cbc pads but the silicone I put in them is fresh, I dont play them anymore. I just siliconed it for when I trade them or sell them. They play good but are just not for me. My bst is here,,33305.msg325391.html


They are basically knockoffs of yyr and yyf yoyos. They t5 is based off of a sleipner plays like one most of the time but I would rather pay for the real deal.


What I’m curious and want to try out is the T9 “Dark Angel.” The shape looks cool and unique, kind of an H-shape. I’m also wondering if the shape’s an original or if that is based on another company’s. It looks like a solid throw with a smooth grindable finish.

Aren’t they based out of Indonesia? Atleast that’s what I thought I saw on


No… They based on china.
My friend here in Indonesia were trusted for promotion and sales only, and also forming the team.
There should be clarification somewhere.

The T9 is good by the way.


We’ll see what Christmas brings, crossing my fingers that I receive one (along with a Littles, I really want one of those too!). The black and red T9 caught my attention since I have more than enough blue yoyos :slight_smile:


I did make a review for the magic yo N5 if you wanna check that out also I have a video I did where I solely used the N5


Personally I would not call them YYR knockoffs, usually knockoffs try to imitate the real deal but I have played a sleipner and the t5 plays more like a positron in my opinion but YYR definitly did not enter my mind. Also all of their yoyos are undersized (exept the width in the N5 N6 and N8 I think) but it does not look like they are imitating the kind of metal or the size and percision as a YYR and the T9 uses hubstacks, I belive they are going with what works and just going with the yyr and tp shapes a little but, but knockoffs they are not.


For me, they are far from being a bootlegging company, even if the T5 (overlord) is similar to YYR model, they are not.
You’ll feel the differences after holding and play with one.

Besides, they have many original model.

For the price, I think they are a total steal.


i know this is semi off related but i also heard of aoda yoyos and they are about the same price as magic. i was wondering if anybody has played those? they look like they might be nice but ive never thrown one.

(((wait Whut???)))))) muahaha thx gize


Anyone else notice that the T8 is like an exact G5 profile? I kind of want it ;D

Another question for anyone who’s experienced one. Is the purple anodizing as amazing in person as on the ebay pictures?


@FluffyWalrus…remember you should not post links to other sites to purchase yoyos since it can deter business from yoyoexpert, I have done that too, just remember to edit your post and take away that link. It is very uncomfortable for a mod to catch your mistake on that.


Aoda are nice.
One thing is, magic yoyo has far better reputation than aoda. Due to aoda being one of the notorious bootlegging company in the past.

And you really should remove that link.


Yes on the T8.
Its tiny bit bigger and wider with no stacks.
I have a hard time figuring out wether its a bootleg or not.

The purple look stunning in person, but this applies to newer run of magic yoyo yoyos. The old one look mute.

The pink also nice…


Cool. Those are the two colors I liked the most from their yoyos. On the T8’s box it says something like “innovative design from America” which is pretty much like saying hey this is a G5 minus the stacks :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the yoyos for less than 30$? Thas a steal they are all great too.


Well, I figured I’d contribute to this thread now that I own a T9. It is pretty much magic on a string. Whether if it’s an original shape, I don’t know but I don’t recall seeing any other yoyo like this other than featuring hubstacks and a “u-shaped” bearing (KK bearing). Pretty smooth, vibe free. Only complaint which I’m breaking in is the lubed stacks. Still love every bit…the finish, the machined stacks (yes, the hubstacks are machined, looks like delrin.

Speaking of which, would it be an issue if I were to write up a review on the T9?