i think YoYo expert should sell magic yoyos.

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Me too I wanna try a N12 and a T5 also I as a magistrate I ordere off eBay it was one of the yoyos that got me into yoyoing actually lol the bearing was great

Even though Magic Yoyo makes great yoyos for cheap (especially the N5 and N12) I don’t think YYE will stock them, just because they are based out of China (not that it means anything), and are not really a company, just a manufacturer.

I really want a t9 and n9

God tricks is based out of china and yye has them

And c3 Yoyo design so why not magic Yoyo?

I’m pretty c3 is Japan.

hong kong

Yes. C3yoyodesign is in Hong Kong (China) as described on their official website in the “about us” section.

I don’t think where they are from is the issue. There’s gotta be a bigger issue, whether that’s quality control, or copy rights or what I don’t know, but it’s not about where they are located out of.

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yeah I wasn’t really sure

And I think the reason is copy right. They are lacking the required things to have konkave bearings and hub stacks

Again, even though they’re based in China, what I really meant is that they’re not an actual company. They manufacture yoyos yes, but do they really design their own yoyos? Maybe, but they aren’t innovative or new, it’s just cheap and plays decently. I think that if YYE were to stock them, it would take away from other companies that actually put time and effort into design and manufacturing.

they have there own designs

Having hubstacks on them is still patent infringement.

Listen up here… being based in China has NOTHING to do with why they aren’t being sold here. There could be numerous reasons why they aren’t selling them, but just because they are based in China is not a reason why. There has to be a deal worked out between the two parties involved before the retailer can begin to sell the companies yoyos… obviously the deal hasn’t been made yet, so until it has, assuming in the future it will be made, you can quit complaining. YYE does a great job, and has a TON of cheap yoyos for sale. If you don’t like it go look elsewhere.

t9 is amazing

hence my post before I was talking yoyo shape


yeah I wasn’t really sure

And I think the reason is copy right. They are lacking the required things to have konkave bearings and hub stacks
but places other then yye(cant really name them cause of mods) sells them besides ebay but i just think yye should sell magic yoyos for people with low bugets that just want a full metal yoyo.

I’m not in a position to pass judgment on the company one way or the other regarding if they make bootleg yoyos or not, but I do know Andre’s position on bootlegs. He will not sell them period. Price point is not a factor in that case.

Just because Magic Yoyos are based in China has nothing to do with why they aren’t being sold. YYF machines some yoyos in China, they are still being sold here. Also, Magic Yoyos have KK bearings and hubstacks does not infringe any kind of patent, those patents were made in the U.S, not in China. And only like, 3 of their yoyos actually are similar with a different yoyo, and those 3 aren’t even exactly alike.