Magic yoyos: Brake away from being broke.

I saw a lot of reviews on here for really, really expensive yoys on the upper end, and I wanted to do a review to show off some yoyos on the cheaper side to some of those high end ones. I don’t think just because you spend a 100 dollars on a yoyo, it means you have some special advantage now. There are plenty of really good yoyos out there that wont make you live off ramen soup for the next week.

First one up: N9 floater.
Now I’m sure a lot of you on here are die hard yoyo expert fans. As I am. my first yoyo off here was the dark magic 2, then the 888 (look at me, with an 888 preaching against high cost yoyos. Hypocrite right?) then shutter, token, and supernova. I’ve had other yoyos on this site (Fast 201 was my first, and another dark magic 2) but I just didn’t PURCHASE them off this store. But there is another site out there that is REALLY good at selling random stuff. Amazon.

I found the floater on amazon just messing around one day and I ordered it, just gambling on maybe it wasn’t that bad. And darn. I love this thing. My first issue with it at first is that it was impossiable to un screw. After a few hours of play, that got fixed. With some lube, the bearing and the z stacks quiet (the z stacks not by much) and it. Was. Awesome. There wasn’t a trick I couldn’t do with it. Skin the gerbil, black hops, and whut, most of the slack tricks, it was awesome.
If I had a choice, I would much rather have the floater than the 888. Yeah, the 888 is ****** and it was worth the money spent on it. I got really good with the 888 as it was my leap up from dark magic 2.
The floater is 14 or so dollars. And you will not be disappointed as it out preforms most, if not all my yoyos. That in itself should make you go out and buy it.

Next one up is magic yoyo n12.

Again, this yoyo was kick ***. It was a little more expensive then it’s brother the n9, but only by double at 28 or so dollars, with shipping. I was so pleased with this yoyo, because it arrived along with the shutter. If I had to be completely honest, as if my life depended on it, between the shutter and n12, the shutter beat it. But not by a lot. The only problem I had with it was the fact skin the gerbil, my go to trick, was almost a little too much for it. Almost. The grinds on both (the n12 and shutter) Were awesome, the gaps, awesome. The paint job, super awesome. I love them both equally. Was I mad that the shutter was almost 40 dollars more than the n12? Not really.

Like I said, the shutter does have some key differences in the way it feels in play, looks and throws. So all in all, if your looking at a shutter quality yoyo but looking to spend a lot less, the n12 is for you. (Also, n12 has a shark on it, and that’s pretty awesome)

Next one is the Magic yoyo T8:

Now unlike the other two in this post, this yoyo I hated. It gap was small, it said unresponsive, but it wasn’t. I mean, it barley was but my fast 201 is less responsive than it. The reason I put it up here was the fact it is nice to play with and do some quick double or nothing, or just something to mess around with if your in a place where you can dent your yoyo or hit things. I mean, it was 8 dollars. That’s not too bad.

Well that’s all I have for this one! I hope you all liked and appreciated this post, if you have any questions, message me. Peace out!


I was using my ammo string. And I’m not surprised at all that the n12 can do awesome at horizontal, and I agree the n12 can surpass the shutter, but in as experience players hands. I’ve been into yoyos for a few years now and i’m not all that good still. But at least for me, the weight and feel of the shutter is a little easier to manage then the n12. and I wouldn’t say any unresponsive yoyo can do skin the yoyo. Most ya, but it depends on the brake pads and how well you can slide the layers of strings. like, supernova can do skin the gerbil almost like it’s nothing while the mightyflea and token can have issues. and im not saying skin the gerbil is like, impossiable on the n12, by no means. But I have had issues with it slowing down from the string on the pads more so than other yoyos.

Yeah, the pads are another weak side of Magic yoyos.
I used flowable silicone on mine and it works awesome. Also, I recommend you sOMEThING Type 2 nylon string, it feels like poly, binds when it has to bind and allows that kind of tricks to perform without slowing down the yoyo, in my experience is way better than kitty, ammo or any other I´ve tried before.
Also, as your post said, if you are broke and want an awesome yoyo, in my personal opinion, the T5 overlord outperforms the N12, and is cheaper, give it a try if you have a chance :slight_smile:

XD So sOMETHING type 2 huh. Is that good for slacks and whips because I want to get more into that. And I’ve heard a lot of good things from the overload, I just choose the n12 first because I dug the look more but i’ have been wanting that one. My only issue is that I need a new bag and I’ve been trying to trade for a bigger bag but no one really response to messages on here all that good.

The n12 is only $18 on amazon by the way. Thanks to this review I just picked one up :smiley:
I was planning on going into unresponsive yo-yoing with a horizon but didn’t want to spend that much money just yet.

yeah amazon drops prices a lot! And worries dude! That’s why I put this up!

So you don’t use the stock set-up it comes with? What do you recommend to do to the n12 so that it plays well?

I don’t know what lead you to think that, but I haven’t changed anything of my n12 since I got it out of the box