Magic yoyo N12 opinions

So I’ve heard that Magic yoyo makes some pretty good throws for the price and after throwing my Genesis almost exclusively for about a year I’d like something new. Id like some opinions of it before I buy it. The shape reminds me of something and i cant put my finger on it. So how is it, smooth or vibey ,solid or floaty and maybe comparisons. I hope I’m not asking too much with this, Thanks guys

Even though they are “cheap” in price, most of the MYY are rather smooth. My N12 is extremely smooth. Floaty? A bit. The shape, going from memory, reminds me of my General Yo Majesty.

I tend to not compare yoyos to each other. The N12 easily plays at 3 times it’s value(if not more). It does have a thick axle. The response can suck(mine is fine) and could use replacing via CBC 19MM slim pads or YYJ o-ring silicone response or Flowable. The bearings have been hit or miss, mostly on the good side though. A good cleaning will be beneficial. The stock string kinda ain’t that great so use something else.

Overall, I’m amazed this only cost me $30.

Haven’t tried the N12 personally but I love the Magics I own. Highly recommend the brand. Great throws for extremely low prices. Good luck buddy!

I love my n12 to death

Very smooth and stable and definitely plays 3x it’s price. Very good for horizontal as well

It also has a nice finish for grinds.

Wow, 30?! Mine were $16.50 each, shipped, from a well known national web retailer (not yoyo specific). So they play at easily 6 times the price at that price point I’d guess. I really like mine. Agree about the bearing and string. I got 2 good bearings in mine, but cleaning helped. My responses aren’t great, but they work. Will replace with flowable soon.

I went with one of them Ebay sellers. I always seem to buy at the wrong time!

Awesome yoyo, mine has a lot of vibe, but I was told that’s very uncommon, and you could probably return it if you get a vibey one.
Definitely recommend it.

Cool, thanks everybody I’ll be sure to pick one of these up pretty soon, I appreciate the opinions. So since these things are so cheap I might pick up something else from Magic yoyo any other recommendations,(hint: i love stable throws)

We all love stable throws.

Get a T5. V-shaped. It’s like a Firmy without the pricetag. I really like the Firmy. I really like the T5! T9 as a pair for Asquared play.

N9 for stacked play, or remove them for lighter faster play. N11 is neat. N10 is too pretty to play.

I’m partial to the N8 as my second favorite, but the T5 is a popular choice.

The N8 is probably more different from the N12 than the T5 is.

I love the T6 personally. Have a T5 coming in the mail though so can’t wait!

I have a T6 and an N8 and I plan to get more of them soon. With MagicYoyo, you can’t go wrong.

Just got my replacement N12 and it’s as smooth as butter, woot!

Myy is a really great bang for your buck. I have an n5. It’s great. Highly recommend looking into one. N12 looks great, too. :slight_smile:

They are one of the first Chinese budget yoyos to get such great reviews.

They all play awesome too, and come with awesome bearings.

Just pick any of them, they are all good

Get a T5, $12… Do it… Like… Now…

I prefer N12 to T5. Just sayin’. Worth the extra $4.

I have played a few magicyoyos and the n12 is the best that I have tried!

N12 FTW. Jus sayin.