Magic yoyo good????

Is the company magic yoyo good??? They look really nice and are really cheap, but are they a piece of junk??? Also is the fiesta xx any good because I really want to start offstring thx

Really it depends on which magicyoyo
The D5, D6, N12, and K8 I enjoyed

They’re yo-yo’s are actually really good for the price. I own the Magic t5 Overlord for example, I got it for $25 shipped but you can get it for like $10 if you search hard enough. It plays great and the concave bearing that comes with it is probably worth more than the yo-yo itself. I’ve also heard that the n9 is also really good, but I’ve never tried it. But there are also some that aren’t as good as the others. Overall, they’re really cheap and pretty good throws (if you choose the right ones).

My two favorite magics are the N12 and K8 .
The N12 is a super solid throw.
The K8 is over sized and floaty.
I’d pick up those to to test the waters, for $40 you can’t beat it.

The N12 is amazing it really suprised me for how cheap of a throw it is

They are nice. I own some nicer throws, and I think it can keep up with them. I have the T9, its my only undersized, and its quite nice.

I have a N12, N5, N9 and recently a K9.

Best one for sure is a N12. You CANNOT go wrong with it. I like all of them except the K9. For the price you cant beat them. Just stick to the tried and tested ones like the N12.

Like they all said, N12 is good. I have one. Bearing might not be good, but the one I got is A-okay. Also, N12 is solid, not really light. If you like it like that then it’s a beast

here are my two reviews on the k3, n9 and n12, and t8:,78744.0.html,80179.0.html

In short, all the yoyos I listed cost me about…72, with out shipping. The k3 plays like the 888, but not as good as grinds, but way better hubs. The n12 plays better than the shutter, the n9 is really fun just heavy, and I kinda bashed the t8, but it is a fun throw.
so, the 888 is about 100, the n12 plays better than the shutter, close to the super nova, so lets call that 80. The n9 plays little worse then the shutter, so lets call that value between 30-40 (The hubstacks are nosy but SUPER fun) and the t8 would be a bargain at 20, and I got it for 8. So all in all, for the same value as about 220 (Low ball), for 72, it’s great. And all over them came with concave bearings.
But nothing is free. N9 is noisy and heavy (I have scars) with sharp edges. N12 pads are kinda bad. Really bad actually so get good at binds. T8 has small gaps, was super responsive until I put a new bearing in it, and kinda hurts the hand. And the k3 has quality control issues.
Matter of fact, magic yoyo has a lot of quality control issues. But, considering your getting really high performance yoyos for less than half the price, it’s up to you. (I do recommend the n12 and k3 though. Those I’ve heard the best results from)
Hope that helps!

You also have to consider that some of the downfalls of the yoyos might not apply to you and if they do apply they can be cheaply corrected.

For example take the N12…yes the response pads are iffy, but you can change them to any you like for $3. Even then you’re still way under for an awesome playing yoyo.

The best advice I can give you is that if you’re on a budget go with MagicYoyo… then when you start to learn the shape, size, weight preference then you can drop more money on something you’ll know you’ll like. You might even find out that MagicYoyo is perfect for your needs.

Yeah, but I always feel I have to say one bad thing about a yoyo. Don’t want to give the impression there’s nothing wrong with it and then someone gets one and says “you said” situations

Yeah they aren’t perfect by any means, but they are damn awesome for the price and especially if the buyer is building up their preferences yoyo wise.

Thx everyone

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I now challenge you show me a better yoyo for cheaper. You prove me wrong, I’ll send you free yoyos. Three of them

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