best yoyo of myy


witch one of magic yoyo is better than others?
all of them are unresponsive and good but their price is same.
also their reviews are almost saying same thing.
if anyone has a myy please talk about your exprince with them.


I have an n12, and it’s a decent throw. I didn’t like the original response, so I put in flowable silicone instead.



My only Magic is a T8. I was surprised and how well it played particularly with it being only $10(US).


I’ll put in a vote for the N12. Great player and it has a really good finish for grinds.


almost every pro yoyoist has one magic yoyo for test,collection or another reason.
but no one tried all or some of their yoyos to compare them.
I think from their numbers and sort in their website, N12 most be the best one.but reviews say all are good throws.


Go for the desperado N5. It’s super wide and has amazing spin time for being a 14$ throw


The T5 is another great one, N9 is one of my favorite MYY. Small and stacked.


Clear D5 (65g Version) is clearly the best for me


Out of the 3 I’ve tried (N9, N11 and N12) the N12 “Shark Honor” is the best. Great yo-yo for the price.


good to have someone tried multiple myy.
so bigger number = higher quality


My overall favorite has to be Magicyoyo N6.

(Amplified) #12

D5 for plastic
N12 if you want metal.


T5 for me, with n12 a decent runner up


Look at my fave throw list! I own all of those including multiples of some of the more expensive ones, yet I also have 5 N12s!

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